Cast Appearances - All appearances other than episodes of MST3K
Have Debut Show Station Audio Only Cast Other Info (other dates, location, etc)
  2/15/1983 Late Night with David Letterman NBC   Joel Show #185
  Jul-83 Showtime Comedy Special - Magic Magic     Joel Not much info on this.  Never aired.
  Oct-83 HBO's 8th Annual Young Comedians Special HBO   Joel Host - John Candy (month of release is an estimate)
  11/12/1983 Saturday Night Live NBC   Joel Host - Teri Garr
  12/10/1983 Saturday Night Live NBC   Joel Host - Flip Wilson
  2/1/1984 Late Night with David Letterman NBC   Joel Show #345
  2/18/1984 Saturday Night Live NBC   Joel Host - Jamie Lee Curtis
  4/19/1984 Late Night with David Letterman NBC   Joel Show #383
  5/12/1984 Saturday Night Live NBC   Joel Host - Betty Thomas
  6/11/1984 Late Night with David Letterman NBC   Joel Show #408
  9/18/1984 Late Night with David Letterman NBC   Joel Show #444
  12/31/1986 1986 Melon Drop KTMA   Kevin, Jim  
  Apr-87 Blood Hook na   Jim, Kevin Jim's pre-MST3K movie released by Troma Films (month of release is an estimate) Filmed in Summer/Fall 1984; edited 1985/86; reviewed in Variety 5/20/87.
  Jun-87 Jerry Seinfeld: Stand-Up Confidential HBO   Joel Joel co-wrote and had minor appearances in Jerry's HBO special (filmed in 1986)
  12/31/1987 1987 Melon Drop KTMA   Kevin, Jim  
  7/11/1988 Showtime Comedy Club Network SHO   Joel no tape available; source told me that clips from it were used for the Comedy Gallery ads shown on KTMA
  Sep-88 KTMA Pilot - The Green Slime na     Tape prepared to sell the show to KTMA General Manager Don O'Conner.  Un-aired.  The "complete" pilot finally was shown by Joel at Archon 32 in St Louis on 10/3/08.
  Oct-88 MST3K Pitch Tape na     Sales tape prepared to show as promotional advertisement
  12/31/1988 1988 Melon Drop KTMA   Kevin, Jim Shown same night as special New Year's Eve premiere of K07
  3/25/1989 Seriously Weird Magazine KSTP   Joel With co-host Sue Scott
  6/5/1989 MST Live na   All Comedy Gallery; no complete tape available; clips on Scrapbook tape.  6/5-6/89.
  12/6/1989 Land O Loons III KCTA   Joel Joel stand-up filmed 10/21/89
  12/31/1989 1989 Melon Drop KTMA     No new footage made by MST folks, but old clips used.
  4/2/1990 Night After Night with Alan Havey TCC   Joel Between season 1 and 2.  (Joel holds basketball for a while; Havey calls Comedy Channel execs)
  Sep-90 Higgins Boys & Gruber TCC   Joel, Jim rest of cast in background (Trace, Kevin, Mike, Frank, Jef); clip from 207
  Nov-90 Entertainment Tonight       Show taped during filming of 112 (Godzilla Geneaolgy Bop); Joel and Bots riffed ET for a short time and made fun of John Tesh's head
  Nov-90 Stand Up Spotlight VH1   Mary Jo Mary Jo makes TV debut as one of the featured comics along with Glenn Hirsch and Joe Yannetty. Hosted by Rosie O'Donnell.  Date is estimated from shows copyright.
  1/25/1991 Saint Paul Winter Carnival     Joel Host - Kevin Neland; 1/25-2/3/91
  Jun-91 Comedy on the Road A&E   Josh Stand up act at the Comedy Gallery; Host - John Byner; show was on from 1991-94; Josh had just moved to LA
  Jun-91 MST3K Marketing Tape na     Tape prepared after season 2 to help sell the show
  7/1/1991 Night After Night with Alan Havey CC   Joel Had cover story in USA; Picks n Pans in People.  (Joel wearing shorts)
  Jul-91 Good Company       Minnesota news profile; Gary Lumpkin interview; filming 308
  7/2/1991 Short Attention Span Theater CC   Joel, Trace Host - John Stewart had been there 90 days; in town to launch Comedy Central; 307 clip
  Sep-91 Local TV interview - Larry Snodie from Waukegon, IL     Joel Jim, Kevin, Jef, Frank, Trace and Joel interviewed.  Joel is also interviewed on the set of the SOL.  He mentions Daddy-O done and Santa vs Martians coming up.
x Oct-91 Audio Interview for Satellite Orbit Magazine   A Joel, Trace Long (46:46) audio interview around the end of season 3.  Recorded in Fall 1991 by Becky and Terry Devoe of Satellite Orbit.  Mention 30 hour Thanksgiving marathon coming up (1991) and that season 4 filming starts mid-January next year (1992).
  1/12/1992 13th CableACE awards        
  6/29/1992 Toon Town 29 Fox 29   Tom, Crow Hosting kids show (week ends at 4th of July) I believe this is week of 6/29-7/3/92 since that puts Aquatennial Grand Day Parade on Saturday 7/25/92; (7/4/91 was Thurs, 7/4/92 was Sat or 7/4/93 was Sunday so 1992 makes sense)
  7/10/1992 MST Alive! na     7/10-7/11/92; Uptown Theater; second 1/2 of World Without End plus Q&A
x 7/12/1992 NPR spot na A Joel, Mike Host-Lee Anne Hansen; Sunday Weekend Edition; 406 on this weekend
  9/26/1992 Starcon 92 na   Joel, Jim, Kevin, Trace also 9/27/92 in Denver, CO - their 1st con; 2 Q&A sessions (Ben Scott in jumpsuit)
  11/14/1992 This Is MST3K CC      
  11/27/1992 Visions 92 na   Frank Chicago, IL - Q&A w/ Red Dwarf's Robert Llewelyn and Craig Charles; (Frank also performed at a variety show - not taped); con 11/27-29
  1/17/1993 14th CableACE awards        
  Jun-93 Fancy Ray Show - 3rd Anniversary Show     Joel Joel reads story; Fancy Ray McCloney - his cable show called Get Down With It - 1993 is a complete guess by me - any info on this would be greatly appreaciated
  10/19/1993 Mitchell College Tour na   all Backstage plus Q&A at U of W - Madison; Jim, Mike, Kevin, Trace, Frank, Jef
  Nov-93 MST Hour Intros     Mike Each hour had an intro and a closing by Jack Perkins (Mike).  I have most of these.  Aired Nov 93 though Dec 94.
  1/16/1994 15th CableACE awards     Joel  
  3/31/1994 Free Cheese Tour        
  5/10/1994 Focus on U (6PM)   Mike, Jef University of Wisconsin - River Falls student show; Hosts - Jon Fuith, Melanie Waldoch; negotiating movie
  5/17/1994 CNN Headline News CNN   Tom, Crow Short clip on winning Peabody award
  5/17/1994 Peabody Awards Ceremony        
  Aug-94 City Cable 34 Minneapolis Cable 34   Kevin, Frank Hosts - Phill Lindsay, Janet Zahn; MN cable show; just did 612
  9/5/1994 CBS News Overnight CBS   All Kathryn Berger; News profile; talk of movie deal
  9/6/1994 CBS News Up to the minute - channel 4 CBS   All Kathryn Berger; News profile; talk of movie deal - long version 6:20
  9/11/1994 46th Emmy Awards       Phil Hartmen reads nominees - show cast recorded waving at camera
  9/15/1994 KARE 11 News Extra (10PM)     News profile - Brad Woodard; Conventio-con coming up - 2 live performances (TIE)
  9/16/1994 MST3K Convention-con Expo-Fest-A-Rama na     9/16-9/18/94; Radisson Convention Center; Live shows at State Theatre
  9/21/1994 Fresh Cheese Tour        
  Dec-94 X Box R&D     Joel Experimental tape that resulted in the TV Wheel
  1/15/1995 16th CableACE awards        
  3/7/1995 Museum of TV & Radio - 12th Annual Festival; Directors' Guild Honors na   Mike, Trace, Kevin, Jim LA - show Why Study Ind., Last Clear Chance, A Date With Your Family
  3/22/1995 MST3K Little Gold Statue Preview Special CC      
  5/21/1995 Simpsons - Who Shot Mr Burns, Part 1       Very brief MST reference
  7/13/1995 Dragon*Con 95     Mike, Kevin  
  9/2/1995 Attack of the Killer B Movies       Show written by Frank
  9/10/1995 47th Emmy Awards        
  9/22/1995 Stellar Occasion     Frank  
  10/9/1995 Sci-Fi Buzz SFC   Mike, Kevin MST3K:TM in post production
  10/20/1995 Space Ghost (episode #18; Urges) Cartoon   na Written by Joel; guests Catherine Bach and Matthew Sweet
x 11/14/1995 The Big Dumb Show   A Frank Frank interviewed by Gonzo Greg on Southern Cal radio station KCAL-FM
  11/23/1995 Poopie Parade of Values CC   Mike, Kevin, Trace Mock paid program shown during Thanksgiving marathon
  12/2/1995 17th CableACE awards       May not have MST content
  1/6/1996 Media Television Bravo (12:30AM)     MST now in 7th season
  1/13/1996 Sci-Fi Buzz SFC   Crow MST may go out of production; movie coming out in April
  2/9/1996 Space Ghost (episode #20; $20.01) Cartoon   Joel Penn and Teller also appear
  2/13/1996 College Tour - U of W River Falls na   Mike, Trace Short college tour - shorts and movie sneak peek
  Mar-96 Got My Own Show Ch 41     Host Bob Connolly; movie coming out; TV Heaven 41; Mike on their first show in 94
  3/25/96 MST3K: The Movie - Electronic Press Kit       The press kit featured the movie trailer, a 5 minute featurette with interviews of Jim, Mike, Kevin and Trace on the set of the movie and other sound bites and un-edited behind the scenes footage.
  Apr-96 The Phil or Lynette and Larry Show       Local Minnesota talk show.  Mike and Kevin interviewed about movie.  Oddly the host are clothed only in their underwear.
  Apr-96 Leonard Maltin movie preview        
  4/9/1996 Good Morning America ABC (7AM)   Mike, Tom, Crow Host Joan Lunden; movie out later this month; still searching for home
  4/10/1996 World News Now (ABC News Overnight) ABC (2AM)   Mike, Tom, Crow Thalia Assuras; On GMA yesterday
  4/11/1996 Talk Soup E!   Crow John Henson - Crow hosts for a while then argues with Senior Sock
  4/12/1996 E! The Gossip Show E!     Michael Musto - clip of Mike and Tom at Planet Hollywood NY
  4/14/1996 E! Coming Attractions E!     Host Todd Nelson; movie in theaters next week; some behind the scenes; may have been on a few days earlier - this is first date I can confirm
  4/16/1996 E! News Daily E!     Host Steve Kmetko
  4/16/1996 WGN News WGN (8AM)   Mike, Kevin In Chicago for Planet Hollywood presentation today
  4/17/1996 CNN Show Biz Today CNN (7:30PM)     Bill Tush; also on 4/18, 4/20, 4/21
  4/18/1996 Movie Premiere - Channel 4 coverage Ch 4      
  4/18/1996 Movie Premiere - Channel 9 coverage Ch 9     Muary Glover reporting from cast party
  4/18/1996 Movie Premiere - raw footage       Raw footage from Premiere and cast party
  4/18/1996 Movie Premiere - Twin Cities Tonight - Ch 5 Ch 5      
  4/18/1996 Comedy Central Movie Stunt CC     Short clips used to introduce episodes and show some behind the scenes stuff from MST3K: The Movie; I have most of this on tape
  4/19/1996 MTV Week in Rock MTV   Tom, Crow Kurt Loder; Movie out this weekend; also on 4/20, 4/21
  4/19/1996 Talk Soup E!   Crow Crow does opening skit then leaves
  4/19/1996 VH1 Movie Show VH1      
  4/19/1996 E! Movie Review Show E!      
  4/19/1996 Sci-Fi Buzz SFC     Behind the scenes at MST3K:TM
  4/19/1996 MST3K: The Movie        
  4/20/1996 At The Movies       Siskel & Ebert - 2 thumbs up
  4/20/1996 Entertainment Tonight        
  5/18/1996 TV Wheel CC   Joel  
  5/19/1996 World's Funniest Outtakes 3 FOX (7PM)     hosted by Harry Anderson - clips from Poopie Tape
  5/19/1996 ABC World News Overnight ABC (2AM)     Beth Nissen piece - 4 minutes longer than weekend news piece
  5/19/1996 World News Now ABC (6:30PM)     Beth Nissen; MST canceled; Tom Shales comments
  5/27/1996 Headline News     Mike, Tom, Crow  
  Jun-96 Statical Planets     Joel, Frank Joel's experimental short film; shown at Dallas Film Festival 1/97
  8/8/1996 Gen Con     Mike, Bridget, Mary Jo  
  8/30/1996 Convention-con 2 na     8/30-9/2/96
  9/16/1996 TV's Censored Bloopers NBC     Dick Clark  - clip from Poopie Tape - Hypno-Helio Static Stasis
  10/11/1996 Sabrina, the Teen-Age Witch (episode 3) ABC (8:30PM)   Frank The True Adventures of Rudy Kazootie; Frank as Big Baby Rudy
  11/16/1996 18th CableACE awards       May not have MST content
  1/25/1997 MST3K: The Home Game SFC     Included some behind the scenes clips and interviews before debut on the Sci-Fi Channel
  1/26/1997 Sci-Fi Vortex SFC   Mike, Mary Jo Discussion in "war room" w/ host Roger Lodge and Writer Eric Wallace
  5/16/1997 Sabrina, the Teen-Age Witch (episode 24) ABC (9PM)   Frank Troll Bridge; Frank plays Prince Randy
  6/1/1997 Cinemax On Set MAX     Announcing cable premiere of MST3K:TM on 6/6/97
  6/25/1997 Make Me Laugh CC   Frank  
  7/14/1997 Talk Soup E!   Mike, Tom John Henson - Mars show;also 7/15-1AM,7AM,3PM
  7/18/1997 Troops     Tom Star Wars Fan film  - Tom make brief appearance; San Diego ComicCon
  7/21/1997 Make Me Laugh CC   Frank  
  8/15/1997 Making of MST3K SFC      
  8/27/1997 O'Reilly Report FOX   Mike  
  9/2/1997 MST3K's 1st Annual Summer Blockbuster Special SFC      
  9/4/1997 CNN Headline News CNN   Mike, Tom, Crow Interview in a real theater; talk about 1st Annual Summer Blockbuster…
  10/5/1997 Scott Hansen Benefit Show     Joel  
  11/14/1997 Talk Soup E! (10PM)   (bots) John Henson - mention CableAce; Overdrawn coming up
  11/15/1997 19th CableACE awards TNT      
  12/31/1997 Talk Soup E!   Tom John Henson - Senior Sock Celebrity Profile skit (clips plus new Tom)
  1/3/1998 Sci-Fi Buzz SFC (11:30AM)   Mike, Tom, Crow Host - Mike Jerrick; 200th episode
  Feb-98 Sony Playstation Underground - Vol 2, No 1     Mike, Tom, Crow  
  Mar-98 Fox News Channel FOX      
  3/10/1998 Museum of Television and Radio       Evening with cast to launch season 9
  3/12/1998 World News ABC   Mike, Tom Mark Mullen, Beth Nissen; Academy of Robots; live riffing of Network and Broadcast News (nearly 11 minute interview)
  3/19/1998 MST3K Academy of Robots' Choice Awards SFC      
  3/30/1998 Herd Mentality - Parts 1 & 2   A   Seeing Ear Theater
x 4/13/1998 Entertainment Weekly On-Line (Real Audio)   A Mike, Kevin Entertainment Weekly website Real Audio interview.
  4/18/1998 With or Without You     Trace, Beez Independent film made by Wendell Jon Andersson.  Featured cameos by Trace (as Rich) and Beez (as a record store customer)
  5/16/1998 CBS News Saturday Morning CBS (9AM)   Mike, Tom, Crow Mark Danon - Godzilla trivia challenge; Godzilla fest starts 5-26 on SFC; CBS Sat Morning hosted by Russ Mitchell & Susan Molinari
  7/17/1998 First (and Last) Musical on Mars - Parts 1 & 2   A Mary Jo Seeing Ear Theater  (have casette tape)
  9/4/1998 MST3K's 2nd Annual Summer Blockbuster Special SFC      
  11/20/1998 Exoticon     Mike, Kevin 11/20-22/98; convention in New Orleans
x 3/13/1999 NPR   A no Brains New York Observer columnist Ron Rosenbaum talks about crusade to save MST from cancellation.
  3/26/1999   A Joel Radio program hosted by Karen Kaye; aired same day as last BBI studio tour
  Apr-99 Pet Cassette - pilot       Joel created a pilot video with animation by Josh Book.
  Apr-99 Lord of the Road     Frank Short (23 min) film by Holly Hester first shown about April 1999 featuring a part by Frank.
  4/9/1999 Last Dance - Raw       Behind the scenes footage of the filming of 1013
  8/6/1999 NPR - Fresh Air   A no Brains Film critic David Bianculli show about the end of MST3K
x 8/8/1999 NPR   A Joel, Mike Re-broadcast of 7/12/92 interview with special farewell to MST3K.
  1/10/2000 Freaks & Geeks - Carded & Discarded     Trace, Joel  
  1/17/2000 Freaks & Geeks - Girlfriends & Boyfriends     Trace  
  2/7/2000 Freaks & Geeks - Looks & Books     Joel  
  2/27/2000 Futurama - Raging Bender     Tom, Crow bots make cameo appearance
x 5/15/2000 Ron and Fez Show   A Mike, Bill Promoting and annoucing $1.18 give-away.  Aired on WNEW in NYC and WJFK in DC.
  7/8/2000 Freaks & Geeks - Smooching & Mooching     Trace  
  7/8/2000 Freaks & Geeks - The Little Things     Trace  
  7/8/2000 Freaks & Geeks - Discos & Dragons     Trace, Joel  
  7/14/2000 Gateway SciFi Con II     Mike, Kevin, Bill, Mary Jo  
  Jul-00 Poker Night     Bill, Mike Animated series online featuring voices of Bill and Mike as dogs.  8 episodes were made.
  9/11/2000 Carnegie-Mellon University     Mike Mike's speech about bad movies
  10/17/2000 Freaks & Geeks - Noshing  & Moshing     Trace  
  3/10/2001 George Eastman House     Mike Mike guest at Airing of Carnival of Souls
x 3/15/2001 NPR spot   A Paul Ballpark Names
  4/25/2001 West Wing     Trace Trace has a small part as Cal in episode Bad Moon Rising (season 2, episode 19)
  4/27/2001 Invader Zim: Attack of the Saucer Morons     Frank Frank provides the voice for Frank and Boll
  6/8/2001 9th Annual Toyota Comedy Festival     Joel, Josh, Trace, Kevin, Mary Jo, Frank Reunion show held at Columbia University in NYC.  Hosted by Lizz Winstead
  7/6/2001 Gateway SciFi Con III     Trace, Frank  
  10/18/2001 Edward the Less - trailer SF Dom     15 second teaser trailer on the Sci-Fi Dominion
  10/25/2001 A conversation with Kevin Murphy - Parts 1&2 SF Dom   Kevin Interview with Kevin in conjunction with Edward the Less.
Part 1 - 6:17; Part 2 - 5:54
  10/25/2001 Edward the Less SF Dom      
x 12/19/2001 NPR spot   A Mary Jo Living With Parents
x 1/31/2002 NPR spot   A Mary Jo Arriving in New York
  2/18/2002 People Traps     Trace pilot of Animal Planet
  Mar-02 Mike Interview   A Mike Short audio interview of Mike about release of Mind Over Matters; on Broadband Broadcasting Corporation 700 WLW
  3/23/2002 Late Friday     Frank stand-up routine
  Jun-02 Factory Accident Sex - DVD     Mary Jo Mary Jo and Tim Scott appear briefly in the DVD featuring Minnesota comedian Rich Kronfeld.
x 8/23/2002 NPR spot   A Mary Jo New York Apartment Lock
  8/30/2002 Dragon*Con 2002     Mike, Kevin 8/30/02-9/2/02 Panel discussion/ Q&A/ Masquerade Ball
  9/22/2002 O2BE Oxygen (7:30PM)   Frank New talk show on Oxygen Network
x 9/29/2002 NPR spot   A Kevin Interviewed by Liane Hansen about book
  11/30/2002 NBC Weekend Today NBC (7AM)   Kevin  
  11/30/2002 WB11 Morning News WB11   Kevin I think this date is correct
x 12/29/2002 NPR spot   A Kevin Year end movie review
  1/16/2003 The Screen Savers Tech TV   Kevin  
x 1/19/2003 NPR spot   A Kevin Not entirely positive review of Golden Globes
  2/15/2003 Sursumcorda radio show   A Mary Jo Guest on live web cast
x 2/16/2003 NPR spot   A Kevin Best Documentary Feature
x 3/9/2003 NPR spot   A Kevin Blurbs
x 5/25/2003 NPR spot   A Kevin Regal Rants
  6/6/2003 DucKon 12     Trace Trace attends DucKon 12 and appears in various panels and autograph sessions.
x 7/6/2003 NPR spot   A Kevin Movies Outdoors
x 8/17/2003 NPR spot   A Kevin Five Blockbusters
x 9/14/2003 NPR spot   A Kevin Offbeat Movies of the Fall
x 10/23/2003 Masked Reviewer - Vegas Valley Book Festival   A Mike, Kevin  
x 10/26/2003 NPR spot   A Kevin Alien Director's Cut
  11/18/2003 MST3K DVD Set Vol 4     Mike Mike intro to 820, 822, 1002, 1009
x 12/28/2003 NPR spot   A Kevin The Affleck Effect
x 1/23/2004 NPR spot   A Mary Jo Smoking Memoirs
x 1/25/2004 NPR spot   A Kevin Box Office Prognostications
  1/31/2004 Super Secret Movie Rules VH1   Mike Slasher Films
  2/21/2004 Super Secret Movie Rules VH1   Mike Superheroes
  2/24/2004 Funny Ladies Volume 3 - DVD     Mary Jo About 15 minute stand up routing in compilation DVD
x 2/29/2004 NPR spot   A Kevin I'd Like to Thank the Academy
  Mar-04 Super Secret Movie Rules VH1   Mike Disaster Movies; possibly Sports Underdogs
  3/9/2004 MST3K DVD Set Vol 5     Mike, Kevin Mike and Kevin interview about history of MST3K plus Mike intros
  4/2/2004 Screen Savers Tech TV     Robot All Star Team - Tom and Crow voted most smarmy
  4/6/2004 Freaks & Geeks - Beers & Weirs - DVD release     Josh Commentary
x 4/18/2004 NPR spot   A Kevin Baseball Movies
  4/20/2004 Reefer Madness - DVD     Mike commentary
x 6/7/2004 Social Crime Syndicate   A Kevin Interview (21:13)
  6/9/2004 The Film Crew Website   A Film Crew 4:17 audio file on the new Film Crew web site - Hollywood Pitch
  7/12/2004 A2Z VH1   Frank Pamela Anderson episode
  8/3/2004 Carnival of Souls - DVD     Mike commentary
  9/7/2004 Night of the Living Dead - DVD     Mike commentary
x 9/25/2004 NPR spot   A The Film Crew The Flim Crew Takes on Sky Captain
  11/16/2004 Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Vol 2 DVD set     Joel Joel's appearance on SG:C2C is included plus some audio commentary
x 11/21/2004 NPR spot   A The Film Crew A Soundtrack to Life
  1/15/2005 What the Hell Con     Mike Mike was featured speaker at Guilford College, Greensboro, NC
  3/14/2005 Cheap Seats ESPN-C     Anger Management - first theater appearance of Mike & bots since 1999
  3/31/2005 Left of the Dial HBO   Frank brief appearance of Frank in documentary about Air America
  4/26/2005 The Three Stooges - In Color DVD     Film Crew Film Crew did intros to each episode plus one easter egg
  6/1/2005 Starz On Demand intros StarzOD   Film Crew Starting 6/2/05 new movies were added each week with intros by The Film Crew.  Ended September 2005.  I have most of these.
  6/25/2005 Alien Invasion Marathon intros Encore   Film Crew Seven movie intros
  8/26/2005 Midnight Movies intros Encore   Film Crew Five movie intros
  8/15/05 Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd #311   A Frank Frank guest stars as Buffalo Bill Cody in episode #311 "Annie Are You Oakley?  Are You Oakley, Annie?"
  8/22/05 Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd #312   A Frank Frank guest stars as Buffalo Bill Cody in episode #312 "Reach For The Sky!"
  9/2/05 Big 80's Weekend intros Encore   Film Crew Five movie intros
  9/6/05 House on Haunted Hill - DVD     Mike commentary
  Oct-05 Starz On Demand intros StarzOD   Mike Starting 10/1/05 Mike did intros for Starz on Demand with actress Chase Masterson.  Ended December 2005.
  Oct-05 Star Wait - DVD     Joel, Trace, Josh Joel, Trace and Josh supplied commentary for the DVD Star Wait.
  10/17/2005 Social Crime Radio   A Mary Jo Interviewed
  12/5/2005 Plan 9 From Outer Space - DVD     Mike commentary, plus Failed Plans 1-8
x 3/14/2006 RhinoCast Show #25   A Jim Mallon Interviewed by Jordan Fields on Rhino Podcast
x 3/26/2006 NPR spot   A Kevin Which DVD format is the one for me?
x 4/20/2006 Jack Mangan's Deadpan - episode 2   A Mike Mike interviewed by Jack Mangan for podcast
x 4/26/2006 Reel to Real Radio   A no Brains Chris Cornell interviewed about MST website
  4/29/2006 Scott Bateman 365 - Day 256     Kevin Kevin performs a song called Aluminum & Beer
  5/1/2006 Little Shop of Horros - DVD     Mike commentary
x 6/17/2006 Subject Cinema #2   A no Brains Podcast focusing entirely on MST3K
x 6/23/2006 Jawbone Radio Show #116   A Mike Podcast hosted by Len and Nora
  7/10/2006 Mike Nelson Goes to Work at Legend Films - Part 1 Youtube     A 1:52 clip is added on Youtube announcing some of Mike's new duties at Legend Films
  7/17/2006 Mike Nelson Goes to Work at Legend Films - Part 2 Youtube     Clip showing some of Mike's new duties at Legend Films
  7/20/2006 RiffTrax - Roadhouse     Mike Full feature commentary of Roadhouse sponsored by Legend Films
  7/24/2006 Mike Nelson Goes to Work at Legend Films - Part 3 Youtube     Clip showing some of Mike's new duties at Legend Films
  8/1/2006 RiffTrax - The Fifth Element     Mike Full feature commentary.
  8/18/2006 RiffTrax - Star Trek V     Mike. Kevin Full feature commentary.  This time Mike is joined by Kevin Murphy.
x 8/30/2006 NPR - KPBS, San Diego   A Mike Mike guest on San Diego NPR station KPBS These Days hosted by Maureen Cavanaugh.
  8/30/2006 RiffTrax - Cocktail     Mike Full feature commentary.
  9/7/2006 RiffTrax - XXX     Mike Full feature commentary.
  9/14/2006 RiffTrax - Crossroads     Mike Full feature commentary.
  9/15/2006 Weekly Blurb - Gridiron Gang   A Kevin Kevin, in the guise of Mal Valour offers a review
  9/22/2006 Weekly Blurb - Flyboys   A Kevin Kevin, in the guise of Mal Valour offers a review
  9/22/2006 RiffTrax - X-Men     Mike, Bill Full feature commentary.  This time Mike is joined by Bill Corbett.
x 9/22/2006 Sound of Young America   A Mike Mike interviewed by Ron Moore for podcast
x 9/24/2006 The Joe Cook Program   A Mike Mike interview
x 9/26/2006 - Eps 31   A Mike Podcast interview of Mike hosted by Ryan Ritchey
x 9/27/2006 Reel to Real Radio   A Mike Grand Rapids podcast featuring Mike interview.
  9/29/2006 RiffTrax - Top Gun     Mike, Bill Full feature commentary.  Mike is once again joined by Bill Corbett.
  9/29/2006 Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd - Special Episode 006   A Frank Frank voices the part of world reknown scientist Nikola Tesla in a live performance recorded at the Ontario Airport Marroitt in Toronto.
x 10/4/2006 The Vidiots at - podcast #3   A Mike Mike interview by Steve Lutz
  10/10/2006 RiffTrax - Point Break     Mike,  
x 10/16/2006   A Mike Mike interview
  10/18/2006 RiffTrax Contest Winner clips     Mike, Kevin Mike and Kevin perform the top 3 winning entries in the RiffTrax sponsered Riff-Off
  10/19/2006 RiffTrax - Halloween     Mike, Kevin  
  10/19/2006 Film Crew Online announcement/ clips (4)     Kevin Kevin announces that the Film Crew will be releasing DVDs through Shout! Factory and fans get to pick the first release from four titles.
  10/23/2006 Political Message - Part 1 (Schwarzenegger) Youtube   Mike  
  10/23/2006 Political Message - Part 2 (Angelides) Youtube   Mike  
  10/25/2006 RiffTrax - The Matrix     Mike, Kevin  
  10/31/2006 Southern Arkansas University     Mike Mike was featured speaker at Southern Arkansas University.
  11/1/2006 Attack of the Show (G4 Network)       Short news story about The Phantom Menace getting the RiffTrax treatment.
  11/1/2006 RiffTrax - Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace     Mike, Kevin  
  11/10/2006 RiffTrax - The Grudge     Mike, Kevin  
x 11/11/2006 Sci-Fi Zone Radio   A Mike Interview with hosts Meghan Moroney and John Fuld
x 11/15/2006 Something Awful   A Mike Mike interviewed by Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka
  11/15/2006 RiffTrax - LOTR:FOTR trailer       Short promo for the upcoming LOTR RiffTrax
  11/22/2006 RiffTrax - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings     Mike, Kevin Theatrical version (not extended)
  11/23/2006 Tina & Frank     Trace Trace narrates a short film by Erin Gleeson
  11/23/2006 Tina & Frank - outtake     Trace Outtake from the recording session
  12/1/2006 RiffTrax - The Island of Dr Moreau     Mike, Kevin  
  12/3/2006 Grant's Advent Calendar Video Podcast 2006     Frank Frank appears In a short podcast for Day #02 of Grant Baciocco
  12/8/2006 RiffTrax - Firewall     Mike, Kevin  
  12/19/2006 RiffTrax - Nestor the Long-Eared Chrismas Donkey     Mike Rankin-Bass Christmas special (21 minutes)
  12/22/2006 RiffTrax - Reign of Fire     Mike, Kevin  
  1/16/2007 Sketchfest - San Fransisco Comedy Festival Youtube   Mike, Kevin, Bill Short portion of interview held after live RiffTrax of Daredevil
  1/9/2007 The Three Stooges in Swing Parade - DVD     Mike Commentary track provided by Mike
  1/18/2007 RiffTrax - Daredevil     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  1/26/2007 RiffTrax - Battlefield Earth     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  2/2/2007 RiffTrax - Troll 2     Mike Commentrary with Rich Kyanka from
  2/9/2007 RiffTrax - Star Trek VI     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  2/16/2007 RiffTrax - Over the Top     Mike  
  2/23/2007 RiffTrax - Aeon Flux     Mike, Kevin  
  2/24/2007 Rifftrax & Somethingawful present The Departed - Part 1 Youtube   Mike, Rich Kyanka Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka do ADR for Martin Scorcese's The Departed
  2/24/2007 Rifftrax & Somethingawful present The Departed - Part 2 Youtube   Mike, Rich Kyanka Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka do ADR for Martin Scorcese's The Departed
  3/2/2007 RiffTrax - The Wicker Man     Mike, Kevin  
  3/16/2007 RiffTrax - Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines     Mike, Kevin  
  3/17/2007 Mary Jo Pehl Meets the Circus Priest     Mary Jo MJ wrote and voiced animated short for Scott Bateman
  3/18/2007 Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd  - #513   A Frank Frank voices airplane mechanic Fred Noonan in episode "New Guinea is For Lovers"
  3/20/2007 Free Beer & Hot Wings Radio Show   A Mike, Kevin  
  3/22/2007 RiffLabz - Road House Rumble     Mike Animated Mike and Disembaudio riff on Road House in the Youtube clip
  3/27/2007 The Three Stooges - Greatest Routines DVD     Mike, Kevin Mike and Kevin provide intros to various clips of the Stooges
  3/30/2007 RiffTrax - Lost: The Pilot Episode - Parts 1 & 2     Mike, Kevin  
  4/5/2007 Mary Jo interviewed by Tiffany Youtube   Mary Jo Odd video clip of someone named Tiffany conducting a phone interview with Mary Jo
  4/6/2007 RiffTrax - Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones     Mike, Kevin Also featuring guest riffer Chad Vader
  4/6/2007 Chad Vader Does RiffTrax Youtube   Mike, Kevin Promo for Chad Vader's appearance on RiffTrax
  4/13/2007 Mancow Mullins - Chicago Radio Show   A Mike  
  4/13/2007 RiffTrax - Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory     Mike Also featuring guest riffer Neil Patrick Harris
  4/16/2007 Tangent - Episode 2 (Our Money)   A Mike Mike interviewed by Derek and Tucker
  4/17/2007 KOLD Tech Tuesday Youtube   no Brains RiffTrax mentioned
x 4/17/2007 Comic Review Weekly - podcast   A Mike 20 minute plus interview of Mike by Brian, Andy and Marty.
  4/26/2007 Film Crew promo for Shout! Factory Youtube   Film Crew Promotional trailer for first two releases by the Film Crew on Shout! Factory DVD
  4/27/2007 RiffTrax - Casion Royale     Mike, Kevin  
  4/27/2007 Ask Mike - Episode 1   A Mike Mike answers questions posted on the RiffTrax site.
  5/11/2007 RiffTrax - Eragon     Mike, Kevin  
  5/12/2007 Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd - Promo #029   A Joel Short clip describing why Dr Floyd should be the next NPR host.  Includes Joel as Blackbeard.
  5/14/2007 Ask Mike - Episode 2   A Mike  
  5/17/2007 WJBC AM 1230 Interview   A Mike Lengthy interview of Mike
  5/21/2007 RiffTrax - Glitter     Mike, Mary Jo  
  5/22/2007 Ask Mike - Episode 3   A Mike  
  6/1/2007 RiffTrax - Predator     Mike  
  6/1/2007 American Scary     Joel short clip from unreleased movie
  6/7/2007 Ask Mike - Episode 4   A Mike  
  6/11/2007 RiffTrax - Grey's Anatomy - Eps 1 & 2     Mike, Bridget  
  6/12/2007 Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd - #601   A Frank Frank appears as Amelia Earhart's co-pilot Fred Noonan.  Episode "Take Off!"
  6/19/2007 Ask Mike - Episode 5   A Mike, Kevin  
  6/20/2007 Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd - Promo #034   A Joel Joel discusses the premise of Dr Floyd's show
  6/22/2007 RiffTrax - Fantastic Four     Mike, Kevin  
  6/26/2007 Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd - #602   A Joel, Frank Joel appears as Blackbeard the pirate and Frank as fellow pirate Stinky Frank in an episode called Set A Course For Adventure!
  7/2/2007 RiffTrax - Star Trek: Generations     Mike, Kevin  
  7/2/2007 Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd - #603     Joel Joel as Blackbeard in episode called "Sea Monkeys!"
  7/10/2007 Film Crew DVD - Hollywood After Dark     Film Crew  
  7/26/2007     Kevin, Bill Interviewed at Comic-Con
  7/30/2007 Stage 6 - Mike Nelson tours Comic Con     Mike  
  7/30/2007 Comic Con 2007 - Film Crew Panel     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/31/2007 RiffTrax - 300 Youtube   Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/31/2007 Movie Juice at Comic Con - Parts 1, 2 & 3 Youtube   Kevin, Bill Interview at Comic Con 2007
  8/1/2007 Cartoon Dump - Ep 1: Mighty Mr. Titan     Frank Frank as Moodsy the Clinically Depressed Owl and featuring cartoons from archive of Jerry Beck
  8/7/2007 Film Crew DVD - Killers From Space     Film Crew  
  8/7/2007 RiffTrax - The Bourne Identity     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  8/8/2007 Cartoon Dump - Ep 2: Big World of Little Adam     Frank  
  8/14/2007 RiffTrax - Independence Day     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  8/28/2007 Cartoon Dump clip Youtube   Frank, Joel A clip posted on Youtube of Frank as Moodsy and Joel as Dumpster Diver Dan.
  9/4/2007 RiffTrax - Heroes - Episodes 1 & 2     Mike  
  9/4/2007 Ask Mike - Episode 6   A Mike  
  9/10/2007 Max the Hero - pilot Myspace   Mike, Kevin, Bill Animated short made by Nashville based Mike Salvo written and performed by Bill (as Max), Mike (Stew) and Kevin (Chip)
  9/11/2007 Film Crew DVD - Wild Women of Wongo     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  9/15/2007 Leave Star Wars Alone! Youtube   no Brains Clip in the vein of "Leave Britney Alone" requested RiffTrax no longer riff on George Lucas
  9/17/2007 Ask Mike - Episode 7   A Mike  
  9/25/2007 RiffTrax - Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  9/27/2007 Cartoon Dump - Ep 3: Bucky and Pepito     Frank Note: Frank not in Episode 4 (10/7/07)
  10/1/2007 Chicken Fried Radio - Episode 64   A Mary Jo Podcast.
  10/2/2007 RiffTrax - Raiders of the Lost Ark     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  10/9/2007 RiffTrax - Spider-Man     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  10/9/2007 Film Crew DVD - Giant of Marathon     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  10/11/2007 Cartoon Dump - Ep 5: Adv of Spunky & Tadpole Youtube   Frank Note: Frank not in Episode 6 (10/20/07)
  10/16/2007 RiffTrax - Next     Mike, Bridget  
  10/30/2007 RiffTrax - Missle to the Moon     Mike With cohost Fred Willard
  11/5/2007 - Eps 1: Reel Livin'     Jim, Paul First episode from the new site.
  11/11/2007 Writers Strike: A Response From the Studios Youtube   Frank Frank, as studio exec Moe Gualle.
  11/12/2007 - Eps 2: Feels Like     Jim  
  11/20/2007 RiffTrax - Transformers     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  11/20/2007 - Ep 3: Thanksgiving Clown     Paul  
  11/21/2007 Elliot in the Morning (WWDC/WRXL) interview   A Mike Mike interviewed for Richmond, VA radio station
  11/26/2007 - Ep 4: Solitaire     Paul  
  11/27/2007 RiffTrax Player Tutorial     Mike, Kevin, Bill Tutorial on RiffTRax site showing how to use new player
  11/27/2007 RiffTrax - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  12/10/2007 RiffTrax - Star Wars Christmas Special     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  12/11/2007 RiffTrax Holiday Havoc Youtube   Mike, Kevin, Bill The RiffTrax crew wish us a vomitous Christmas
  12/15/2007 RT on Demand - Signal 30 DivX   Mike, Kevin, Bill 3 minute promotional sample of the new RiffTrax on Demand
  12/18/2007 RiffTrax - Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  12/18/2007 Inaugural Podcast   A Mary Jo  
  12/20/2007 RT on Demand - A Visit To Santa DivX   Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  1/9/2008 Cinematic Titanic - The Oozing Skull     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank First offering from the new Cinematic Titanic.  Movie originally titles Brain of Blood.
  1/16/2008 Cinematic Titanic - trailer: The Oozing Skull     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  1/22/2008 RiffTrax - Plan 9 From Outer Space     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  1/29/2008 RiffTrax - Batman & Robin     Mike, Kevin, Bill RiffTrax featuring lines written by fans
  2/1/2008 RT on Demand - Act Your Age (Emotional Maturity)     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  2/5/2008 RiffTrax - Jurassic Park     Mike With guest riffer Weird Al Yankovic
  2/5/2008 Rhino DVD Set 10.2     Joel, Trace, Frank, Josh DVD set was re-released with new extras featuring Joel on the SOL and Dr F and Frank in Deep 13
  2/19/2008 RiffTrax - Matrix Reloaded     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  2/22/2008 RT on Demand  Beginning Responsibility: Lunchroom Manners     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  2/22/2008 MSNBC - Keith Olbermann     no Brains Happy Birthday to Joel
  2/27/2008 The Sound of Young America - Cinematic Titanic   A Joel, Frank, Josh Pocast interview
  2/27/2008 RiffTrax Political Clips Part 1
- Caucusing Is Easy
- Format War Vetern
- Obama Will Make Change
- McCain Says No To Woodstock
- Huckabee says "More Free Pens!"
- Hillary Ruins Christmas
Youtube   Mike, Kevin, Bill RiffTrax provides new voiceovers to some of this years political ads
  2/29/2008 RT on Demand - The Terrible Truth     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  3/3/2008 RiffTrax Political Clips Part 2
- Wes Clark Endorses Hillary
- Hillary & Point Break
- McCain Green Screen Bill
- Hillary Unschooled Babies
- Democrats Fear The Boogeyman
- John McCain Power Ballad
- Barack, Sven and Olie
Youtube   Mike, Kevin, Bill RiffTrax offers some more political ads; Bridget provides the voice for Hillary in "Hillary Unschooled Babies"
  3/7/2008 RT On Demand - Double Feature
- Why Doesn't Cathy Eat Breakfast
- Petaluna Chicken
    Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  3/14/2008 RT On Demand - Coffee House Rendezvous     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  3/18/2008 RiffTrax - Beowulf     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  3/18/2008 Secret Identity Issues # 105.5   A Mike Mike podcast interview
  3/18/2008 The Writers Room - Roadents Promo     Frank  
  3/18/2008 The Writers Room - Ep 1: Sex. Lies and Kevin's Videotape C-Spot   Frank New 10-part series on C-Spot
  3/19/2008 Dennis Miller radio show   A Joel Joel interview on Dennis Miller's radio program
  3/25/2008 The Writers Room - Ep 2: Let's Make a Development Deal C-Spot   Frank  
  3/28/2008 RT On Demand - Safety: Harm Hides at Home     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  4/1/2008 The Writers Room - Ep 3: A Bad Case of Hiatus C-Spot   Frank  
  4/5/2008 RT On Demand - Are You Popular?     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  4/7/2008 The Writers Room - Ep 4: It Ain't Easy Being Green C-Spot   Frank  
  4/8/2008 RiffTrax - Spider-Man 3     Mike w/ James Lileks
  4/11/2008 RT On Demand - If Mirrors Could Speak     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  4/15/2008 The Writers Room - Ep 5: Mental Health Day C-Spot   Frank  
  4/16/2008 Piece of Eights   A Josh Josh wrote and perfomed this show musical offering for Joel and Jim Hodgson's 8th Superball (2007)
  4/18/2008 RT On Demand - One Got Fat: Bicycle Safety     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  4/22/2008 RiffTrax - Cloverfield     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  4/22/2008 The Writers Room - Ep 6: Union Army C-Spot   Frank  
  4/22/2008 Trace on the Set of Triptosane - Parts 1 & 2 Youtube   Trace Behind the scenes clips of Trace rehearsing and performing for the upcoming film Triptosane
  4/23/2008 SuperBall 7   A Josh Josh and friends performed this song for Joel and Jim Hodgson's 7th Superball (2006)
  4/29/2008 RiffTrax - I Am Legend     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  4/29/2008 The Writers Room - Ep 7: You Can't Go Home Again C-Spot   Frank  
  5/5/2008 The Writers Room - Ep 8: Frank's Birthday C-Spot   Frank  
  5/8/2008 RT Presents - Star Trek: Phase II: World Enough and Time     Kevin, Bill First RiffTrax Presents featuring riffing by Kevin and Bill wthout Mike
  5/8/2008 Trace on the Set of Triptosane - Part 3     Trace  
  5/13/2008 RT Presents - Saw     Kevin, Bill  
  5/17/2008 Joel, Josh, Frank and Trace at Super-Con Youtube   Joel, Josh, Frank, Trace Clip from the Q&A session at Super-Con in San Jose, CA.
  5/20/2009 The Writers Room - Ep 9: Spazztastic C-Spot   Frank  
  5/23/2008 RT - LOTR: The Two Towers     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  5/24/2008 GK interview of Cinematic Titanic     Joel, Trace, Josh, Frank Gordon Keith
  5/28/2008 RT Presents - Star Trek: Phase II: To Serve All My Days     Kevin, Bill  
  6/3/2008 RT Presents - X-Files: Fight the Future     Bill, Mary Jo  
  6/6/2008 The Writers Room - Ep 10: Exciting Season Finale C-Spot   Frank  
  6/9/2008 Cinematic Titanic - trailer: The Doomsday Machine     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  6/10/2008 RT Presents - Alien     Kevin, Bill  
  6/18/2008 RT On Demand - Drugs Are Like That     Kevin, Bill  
  6/19/2008 Cinematic Titanic - The Doomsday Machine     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  6/25/2008 RiffTrax - The Sixth Sense     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  6/30/2008 Water and Power - Eps 3     Joel Joel makes a guest appearance in web series
  7/1/2008 RT On Demand - Down and Out     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/3/2008 RT On Demand - Patriotism     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/3/2008 Jawbone Radio Show #212   A Bill Hosted by Len and Nora
  7/8/2008 RT On demand - Skipper Learns a Lesson     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/9/2008 Indie Radio interview of Cinematic Titanic     Joel, Josh, Trace  
  7/11/2008 RT On Demand - Buying Food     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/15/2008 RT On Demand - Right or Wrong (Making Moral Decisions)     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/18/2008 RT On Demand - The Trouble With Women     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/22/2008 Cinematic Titanic - trailer: The Wasp Woman     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  7/22/2008 RT On Demand - It Must Be The Neighbors     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/23/2008 Jolly Filter test film - Rollercoaster     no Brains Joel and Jim creation
  7/25/2008 RT On Demand - Each Child Is Different     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/25/2008 RiffTrax live at Comic Con     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/26/2008 Comic Con 20th Anniversary DVD Promo     Everyone Clips from the 20th Anniversary panel held at San Diego Comic Con on 7/25/08.  Hosted by Patton Oswald and featuring Jim, Joel, Trace, Mike, Kevin, Frank, Josh, Mary Jo, Bill, Paul and Bridget.
  7/26/2008 interviews at Comic Con - Part 1 & 2        
  7/26/2008 TV Week interview at Comic Con        
  7/27/2008 Film School Rejects     Jim, Joel One of many interviews during Comic Con 2008
  7/29/2008 RT On Demand - Kitty Cleans Up     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/31/2008 RT On Demand - Why Vandalism?     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  8/3/2008 TV Guide Network - Comic Con coverage     Everyone 27 second summary of MST events included in TV Guide Networks summary of the event.  Jim is interviewed, but graphic says he is Bill Corbett.
  8/5/2008 RiffTrax - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  8/7/2008 Cinematic Titanic - Wasp Woman     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  8/12/2008 RiffTrax - Memento     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  8/19/2008 The Paul Goebel Show - Eps 104   A Frank Frank on hour plus podcast
  8/21/2008 Masters of Song Fu #2 - Round 1: The Rifftones: Moon Shine   A Mike, Kevin, Bill Song Fu contest entry on Quick Stop Entertainment called Moon Shine; RiffTones
  8/26/2008 RiffTrax - Ocean's Eleven     Mike With lounge singer Richard Cheese
  8/27/2008 Triptosane trailer     Trace Trailer for the independent film Triptosane
  9/5/2008 RT Presents - Spider-man 2     Kevin, Bill With Josh Fruhlinger
  9/9/2008 RiffTrax - Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  9/13/2008 Pop Culture America   A Mike Podcast interview by hosts John and Dave
  9/13/2008 Masters of Song Fu #2 - Round 2: The Rifftones: Do the Ballpoint   A Mike, Kevin, Bill RiffTones
  9/16/2008 RT Presents - Day After Tomorrow     Kevin, Bill  
  9/16/2008 Cinematic Titanic - trailer: Legacy of Blood Youtube   Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  9/16/2008 Cinematic Titanic Live! TV ad Youtube   Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank TV ad for Cinematic Titanic's live show at the Family Arena in Collinsville, IL (near St Louis)
  9/27/2008 Masters of Song Fu #2 - Round 3: The Rifftones: Rufus Amos Adams   A Mike, Kevin, Bill RiffTones
  9/30/2008 RT On Demand - Aqua Frolics     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  10/5/2009 Toasted RAV: The Man Behind Mystery Science Theater 3000 Youtube   Joel Joel interviewed while attending Archon 32 in Collinsville
  10/9/2008 Cinematic Titanic - Legacy of Blood     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  10/14/2008 RiffTrax - Iron Man     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  10/21/2008 RiffTrax - The Happening     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  10/22/2008 Masters of Song Fu #2 - Final Challenge: Love Theme from JAWS: When A Man Loves A Shark   A Mike, Kevin, Bill RiffTones
  10/24/2008 Twin Cities Live     Joel, Trace Promoting live show on local Minneapolis TV
  10/24/2008 RT On Demand - Good Health Practices     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  10/28/2009 Abbott & Costello: The Complete Universal Pictures Collection DVD Set     Frank Frank supplied commentary for the movie Who Done It?
  10/28/2008 RiffTrax - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  10/28/2008 MST3K 20th Anniversary DVD Set     Entire Cast Three 30 minute history documentaries plus the 20th Anniversary panel from Comic Con 2008
  10/31/2008 RT On demand - Good Eating Habits     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  11/3/2008 Cinematic Titanic - trailer: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  11/12/2008 RiffTrax - X2     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  11/17/2008 RT On Demand - Shake Hands With Danger     Mike, Kevin, Bill Introduced on RiffTrax Shorts Vol. 1; features 3D Mike, Kevin and Bill
  11/20/2008 Cinematic Titanic - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  11/21/2008 RT On Demand - Know For Sure     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  12/8/2009 Lost scene from The Dark Knight   A Mike, Kevin, Bill In preparation of the RiffTrax of The Dark Knight the guys presented a "lost scene."  (Included at end of The Dark Knight RiffTrax")
  12/9/2008 RiffTrax - The Dark Knight     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  12/16/2008 RiffTrax - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  12/22/2008 RT On Demand - Christmas Toyshop     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  12/27/2008 Cinematic Titanic - trailer: Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  12/30/2008 RiffTrax - Star Wars IV: A New Hope     Mike, Kevin, Bill The re-edit "Greedo shoots first" version
  1/6/2009 RT On Demand - Shy Guy     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  1/8/2009 Cinematic Titanic - Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  1/15/2009 RiffTrax Live - Self-Conscious Guy     Mike, Kevin, Bill Live performance
  1/15/2009 RT On Demand - Self-Conscious Guy     Mike, Kevin, Bill Performed live on 1/15/09, then made available for download.
  1/20/2009 RiffTrax - Reefer Madness (3-Riffer Ed.)     Mike, Kevin, Bill Three Riffer Edition; available as RiffTrax or On Demand video
  1/23/2009 Jawbone Radio Show #235   A Kevin Podcast with Len and Nora
  1/28/2009 RiffTrax - Little Show of Horrors (3-Riffer Ed.)     Mike, Kevin, Bill Three Riffer Edition; available as RiffTrax or On Demand video
  1/28/2009 RiffTrax Live - Overcoming Fear     Mike, Kevin, Bill Live performance
  1/28/2009 RT On Demand - Overcoming Fear     Mike, Kevin, Bill Performed live on 1/28/09, then made available for download.
  2/4/2009 RiffTrax - House on Haunted Hill     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  2/8/2009 The Chronic Rift - Episode #9   A Frank Podcast hosted by Keith and Andrea.  Discussing 20th anniversary of MST3K.
  2/10/2009 RiffTrax - Night of the Living Dead (3-Riffer Ed.)     Mike, Kevin, Bill Three Riffer Edition; available as RiffTrax or On Demand video
  2/17/2009 RiffTrax - Missle to the Moon (3-Riffer Ed.)     Mike, Kevin, Bill Three Riffer Edition; available as RiffTrax or On Demand video
  2/17/2009 American Scary     Joel DVD of the horror movie host documentary finally is released.  DVD includes Joel being interviewed
  2/18/2009 NBC Chicago/ Health (Beta)     Mike Video clip of Mike discussing his commitment to eat only bacon for every meal, every day for the month of February
  2/20/2009 The Paul Goebel Show - Eps 128   A Frank  
  2/24/2009 RiffTrax - Jaws     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  2/27/2009 RT On Demand - Playing Together     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  2/27/2009 RiffTrax Press Conference     Mike, Bridget Mike announces that he did not fulfill his task of eating nothing but bacon for the entire month of February.  He is joined by Bridget and their two sons.
  3/2/2009 Jawbone Radio Show #239   A Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank Len and Nora interview the entire CT crew before their performance in Cleveland on 2/28/09
  3/3/2009 RiffTrax - Carnival of Souls (3-Riffer Ed.)     Mike, Kevin, Bill Three Riffer Edition; available as RiffTrax or On Demand video
  3/7/2009 Sneak Preview - Texas Student Television     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank CT crew appear on University of Texas student TV production while in town for Winter Tour.
  3/9/2009 I Should Be Writing #112   A Mary Jo Mary Jo interviewed by Mur Lafferty for her podcast
  3/10/2009 RiffTrax - Swing Parade (3-Riffer Ed.)     Mike, Kevin, Bill Three Riffer Edition; available as RiffTrax or On Demand video
  3/4/2009 Cinematic Titanic - trailer: Blood of the Vampire     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  3/19/2009 Cinematic Titanic - Blood of the Vampire     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank  
  3/19/2009 RT Shorts - How Much Affection     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  3/24/2009 RT Shorts - Your Chance to Live: Technological Failures     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  3/26/2009 RiffTrax on CBS Radio
 - Bruce Willis Needs A Nap
 - Defend Your Choice
 - Hollywood Pitch Meeting
 - The Art of Foley
 - Running With Fireballs
  A Mike, Kevin, Bill First offerings from the RiffTrax guys on CBS Radio.  Some clips had previously been released on NPR.
  3/27/2009 RT Shorts - Understanding Your Ideals     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  3/31/2009 RT Shorts - As We Like It     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  4/3/2009 RT Shorts - Going Steady?     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  4/9/2009 RT Shorts - Carnivorous Plants     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  4/14/2009 RiffTrax - Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back     Mike, Kevin, Bill Also featuring Chad Vader
  4/17/2009 RT Shorts - You & Your Family     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  4/21/2009 RiffTrax - Twilight     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  4/24/2009 RT Shorts - Primary Safety: In the School Building     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  4/28/2009 RiffTrax Live - Cooking Terms and What They Mean (Live)     Mike, Kevin, Bill Beta version of live RiffTrax; released 5/1/09
  4/29/2009 RT Shorts - Damaged Goods     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  5/5/2009 RT Shorts - What About Juvenile Delinquency?     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  5/6/2009 Rifftones - Music For Riffing   A Mike, Kevin, Bill Collection of songs by the Rifftones inspired by movies
  5/8/2009 RT Shorts - Snap Out of It! (Emotional Balance)     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  5/12/2009 RT Shorts - Toward Emotional Maturity     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  5/15/2009 RiffTrax - Shake Hands With Danger (Live)     Mike, Kevin, Bill Performed live on-line.  Never released.
  5/15/2009 RiffTrax - Planet of Dinosaurs (Live)     Mike, Kevin, Bill Scheduled to be performed live, but not done due to technical difficulties
  5/15/2009 RiffTrax - Planet of Dinosaurs (VOD)     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  5/20/2009 The Rick Emerson Show (Part 4)   A Joel Joel appears on KUFO radio to discuss upcoming live CT show in Portland, OR.
  5/21/2009 Jonathan Coulton & Paul and Storm Rehearsal Youtube   Mike, Kevin, Bill Youtube clips of Mike, Kevin and Bill training Jonathan Coulton & Paul and Storm for upcoming RiffTrax Presents version of Tron
  5/27/2009 Cinematic Titanic Tour Teaser     Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank Tour promo with clips from all the CT crew, Dave Allen and audience members
  6/2/2009 RiffTrax - Casablanca     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  6/2/2009 Cruisin' 92.1 Radio   A Joel Joel interviewed on New Jersey radio for upcoming Cinematic Titanic shows in Philadelphia
  6/9/2009 A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume   A Kevin Interview on Ken's site Quick Stop Entertainment
  6/8/2009 TV Watercooler     Frank Frank and Andy Kindler appear on TV Guide Network show
  6/9/2009 RiffTrax - Voodoo Man     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  6/11/2009 Hobgoblins crew 20th Anniversary     no Brains Rick Sloane and the cast of Hobgoblins reuinte for the 20th Anniversary of the show.  Rick talks about MST helping him decide to make a sequel and the cast sing the "theme."
  6/16/2009 In Game Chat   A Kevin, Bill  
  6/18/2009 RiffTrax - The Room     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  6/19/2009 TalkRadar 56   A Mike, Kevin, Bill Very long podcast.  Kevin at 00:32:50, Mike 01:17:15, Bill at 02:04:00
  7/2/2009 RiffTrax - Red Dawn     Mike, Joel Mchale Joel McHale from The Soup joins Mike
  7/14/2009 RT Shorts - Back to School with Joan Miller     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/17/2009 RT Shorts - Highway Mania     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/21/2009 RT Shorts - The Bill of Rights in Action     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/23/2009 RT Shorts - Shake Hands With Danger (w/o 3D Characters)     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  7/28/2009 RT Shorts - Wing Claw and Fang!     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  8/3/2009 Chronic Rift   A Bill Discuss up coming RiffTrax Live event
  8/6/2009 RiffTrax - Fast & Furious     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  8/11/2009 RT Shorts - The Tale of Moose Baby     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  8/14/2009 Paul and Storm Show #052: The Nomad Mentality   A Bill Discuss up coming RiffTrax Live event, except Paul no actually there
  8/20/2009 RiffTrax Live promo     Mike, Kevin, Bill Clip promoting the 8/20/09 live riff of Plan 9
  8/21/2009 RT Shorts - Flying Stewardess     Mike, Kevin, Bill Released after 8/21/09 live show as a freebie to attendees
  8/28/2009 RT Shorts - Constance Bennett presents her "Daily Beauty Rituals"     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  8/31/2009 Battleship Pretension - Eps #128   A Frank  
  9/4/2009 RT Shorts - Teenagers on Trial     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  9/9/2009 RT Shorts - Cork - Crashes and Curiosities     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  9/11/2009 RT Shorts - What it Means to be an American - Part 1     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  9/15/2009 RT Shorts - The Case of Tommy Tucker - Part 1     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  9/18/2009 RT Shorts - What it Means to be an American - Part 2     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  9/22/2009 RT Shorts - The Case of Tommy Tucker - Part 2     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  9/23/2009 RiffTrax - The Matrix Revolutions - deleted scene   A Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  9/25/2009 RT Shorts - Women in Blue     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  9/27/2009 Top Story! Weekly - Eps 22 Stupid Presidential Tricks Youtube   Frank LA Improv show with Frank as special guest
  9/29/2009 RiffTrax - The Matrix Revolutions     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  10/5/2009 RiffTrax - Dragon War: D War     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  10/13/2009 RT Shorts - A Circus Wakes Up     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  10/16/2009 RT Shorts - American Thrift - Part 1     Mike, Kevin, Bill Joined by guest riffer Veronica Belmont
  10/16/2009 Planet of the Dinosaurs Theme Song     Mike, Kevin, Bill Rifftones with Conor Lastowska perform a new theme song for the movie Planet of the Dinosaurs
  10/22/2009 RiffTrax - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  10/27/2009 Donny Gets A Haircut Youtube   Frank Short clip about Frank cutting Donny Osmond's hair
  10/29/2009 RiffTrax - Titanic     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  11/10/2009 RT Shorts - Call It Free - Part 1     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  11/17/2009 RiffTrax - Star Trek: The Future Begins     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  11/20/2009 KTVI Fox 2 Morning Show     Joel News interview for upcoming CT show in St Louis
  11/21/2009 Cinematic Titanic Live Family Arena Youtube   Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank CT live at the Family Arena in St Louis, MO
  11/25/2009 RiffTrax - Maniac     Mike, Kevin, Bill  
  12/1/2009 RiffTrax - Drag Me To Hell     Mike, Bill