Cinematic Titanic LIVE! - 2009 Winter Tour
Cleveland, OH  2/28/09

When I heard that the Cinematic Titanic crew was coming to Cleveland, OH as part of their 2009 Winter Tour I decided I would gladly make the 3-1/2 hour drive down from Detroit to see them perform.  My nephew Rick, who also attended San Diego Comic Con with me last year, agreed to come along and check out the show.

There were two shows that weekend in Cleveland, but I was unable to leave Detroit early enough to make the Friday, 2/27/09 showing of Blood of the Vampire.  I had already seen a live performance of that movie in Minneapolis last October so that made the disappointment a little easier to take.  Instead I decided to get up early Saturday morning and take a leisurely drive down, making a few site seeing stops along the way as I usually do.

Even though the weather got more cloudy, cold and windy as I drove south and we had some snow once we got south of Toledo we still had an easy drive.  Not too many sites along the way, but the show was the main event for the day.  Any way, please indulge me as I offer a few photos before I get to the live event.

I took a small side trip through Port Clinton, OH to visit a few lighthouses.  I was a little surprised to see this 20 foot man standing along the side of the road outside a BP gas station.  I've seen similar "giants" advertising various products across the country.  This guy...I have no idea what purpose he serves.
It wasn't a very photogenic day to go site seeing, but the Marblehead Lighthouse is still one of my favorite stops in Ohio.  The light sits on a stony point that sticks out into Lake Erie.  There's a nice park there that includes the old lighthouse keeper's house.
Hello Cleveland!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is really a pretty cool museum that covers everything from the roots on up.  There's no photography allowed inside, but some of my favorite items are the original, hand written lyrics to Purple Haze, John Lennon's lime green uniform from the Sgt. Pepper album cover and Elmore James' well worn guitar.
We checked into the Wyndam Hotel at Playhouse Square.  The unusual shape of the building, designed to sit on a triangular street corner, is reminiscent of the Flatiron Building in New York City.  The best thing was that the theater was only about a five minute walk away.
The show took place at the small, but elegant Hanna Theater on the edge of the local theater district.   There wasn't any organized MSTie meet-up that I was aware of, but we were able to meet a lot of fans.  It was kind of surprising how many people I met there that started as fans of Cinematic Titanic and then became fans of MST3K.

It was also nice to see Ron DeGroot again.  As usual it's always a pleasure to chat with Ron.
The show was great.  Dave "Gruber" Allen, Josh and Frank did the same warm up acts as in Minneapolis, but it was a lot of fun to hear them again.  We got to see the Titans riff on The Dynamite Brothers.  This film is pure riffing gold and the gang was spot on.  Personally I think this is the best CT offering to date.  (It's kind of nice that it seems like they just keep getting better every time.)
Afterwards the whole crew came out and signed autographs, shook hands, took time to chat with the fans and generally make everyone of us feel great.

Trust me, I'll be watching to see if there are going to be any other shows I can make it to.  The live events are fantastic and I recommend them to everyone.
Here is the new addition to my collection to commemorate my visit to Cleveland.