Cinematic Titanic LIVE! - Royal Oak Music Theatre
Royal Oak, MI  2/26/2011

Cinematic Titanic made a return visit to my home town to perform a double feature at the Royal Oak Music Theater.  Once again I was joined for the festivities by my nephew Rick and his wife Melissa.  There was also a gathering of local, and not so local fans to enjoy dinner, each other's company and some terrible movies made watchable by hilarious commentary.  The following is a recap of another wonderfully fun and entertaining evening thanks to the fine folks that are Cinematic Titanic.

Similar to the 2010 show the Royal Oak Music Theater had printed a list of upcoming events.  I got this copy when I bought my tickets at the theater right when they became available.
To promote the show Frank, Mary Jo and Josh appeared on the local Fox News morning show.  I'm sure there five minutes won over many new fans who happened to be watching early that Saturday morning.
Soon after the event was announced a group of Facebook and Twitter fans began making plans to meet up before the show.  We decided to meet for dinner at the Town Tavern, an upscale restaraunt only a block or so from the theater.
As you can see it was a blustery evening here in southeastern Michigan.
A blurry picture of a somewhat blurry group.  Two full tables had met for dinner by the time Rick, Melissa and I arrived so we sat at an adjoining table.
On to the theater.
This year people must have actually read their tickets because there didn't seem to be as much confusion as to when the doors opened.  There was some confusion about when each show started, but that just gave us more time to talk and anticipate.
An updated show schedule was placed on each seat.
Part of the gang before the show including Dan Garrison, Tony Goggins, Richard Zbasnik, Hellena, Renee Bisel and Dawn Jones who is emphatically making a point. 

(If someone would be kind enough to identify the woman in red I would be glad to update the official line up in this picture.  Thanks.)

(Thanks to Sabrina Zbasnik for this picture and the following two of Joel on stage.)
    On with the show.

Each movie was preceded by routines by Mary Jo, Frank, Trace reading from his book Silly Rhymes for Belligerent Children, Elvis Costello songs by Josh and a magic trick by Joel.

The first show was the amazingly ridiculous 1978 cheese fest Alien Factor.

Just as we were getting ready to watch the second show Joel announced they were replacing one crappy movie with another.  Instead of the previously announced Legacy of Blood the Titans performed their newest film venture Rattlers.  Very cool.
After the show I picked up the brand new, yet strangely familiar 2011 Live Tour poster.
    At the meet and greet I was able to get a few things signed.  First, since my 50th birthday was approaching rapidly (3/25) I asked the Titans to sign a card for me.
Next they signed this picture of all of us that was taken at the Ann Arbor, MI shows in July 2010.
For Christmas last year I bought myself the new interactive video game Darkstar featuring all of the CT crew.  I created this montage using some promotional shots of the gang and asked them to sign it.
As the evening wound down and everyone was saying their goodbyes we stopped to get this picture of Dan Noutko-Kennedy, Mary Jo and her husband Ron (or RAD if you prefer), Joel and Dan's wife Kaylene. 

Ron has been a pleasure to meet up with at a number of the shows I have attended and we were all glad he was able to join us at the Royal Oak event.

Dan and Kaylene are fellow Michiganders and this is the fourth Cinematic Titanic live show we have attended together.
And finally, here Ron and I are with my nephew Rick and his wife Melissa. 

I'm glad I finally got a picture of Rick and Melissa to post since they have attended numerous Cinematic Titanic shows with me in the past without ever stepping in front of a camera.