Cinematic Titanic LIVE! - Royal Oak Music Theatre
Royal Oak, MI  2/25/2012

For the third straight year Cinematic Titanic performed at the Royal Oak Music Theater.  Once again this year I was joined by my nephew Rick and his wife Melissa for the double feature.  For the first time in all the live CT shows I've been to I finally worked up the nerve to bring a few rare items from my collection to show to the crew.  More on that later though.  Here is a recap of the evenings events.

The evening started with some Mexican food at Diablo's, just a couple blocks from the theater.  Royal Oak is really a pretty fun town to hang out in, especially if you like trying lots of styles of restaurants.
It was good to see they finally replaced the burned out light bulbs in the ROYAL OAK part of the marquee.  Plus the theater went all out and created the two posters shown below, one for each of this evening's features.
Double feature ticket, and this time no one seems to have had any difficulty understanding what time the doors opened.
Some of the usual Royal Oak crowd plus a few new faces.  It is always a pleasure to see Dan and Kaylene.  (We need to get together more often.)

(l to r) me, Kaylene and Dan Noutko-Kennedy, Dan's niece Kamber Kennedy and her boyfriend Eric Emery.
The Cinematic Titanic gang after the show.  That's Melissa at the far right.  My nephew kept trying to get Joel to look up for the picture, but he was looking through some of the info I brought about his early career.  I really think he enjoyed seeing some of these blasts from his past.
I love this picture (it was taken at Pepitos, the Mexican restaurant next to the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, where they performed last September.)
And here folks are the rare photos of Joel that I brought to the show.  These are publicity photos he had taken when he was just starting his stand up career back in late 1981.

As you can see below on the back of the photo of Joel having a little trouble with a deck of cards are the dates he was appearing at the Comedy Gallery in Minneapolis.
This is Joel showing off his props, or maybe he just opened up is toy chest for us.  If you want to learn what all of these odd items are you can check out this page.
I also brought a photo of the musical/ performance art group The Sleepers featuring our own Trace Beaulieu (about 1992).

(l to r) Eugene Huddleston, Gary Rue, Trace, Gregory W. Bitz, Stix Kiley and Kent Taylor
And finally, I brought an original prop that Joel sold back in 1985.  Its a tire gage that has been modified so that you can manually make the meter pop out as needed for a comedic effect.  I even have the original instruction sheet and a small 10-page booklet of gags written and illustrated by Joel himslef.

I thought is was interesting that Joel was already using the Hair-Brain Products name years before we saw it in the credits of the KTMA episodes of MST3K.