Cinematic Titanic LIVE! - Royal Oak Music Theatre
Royal Oak, MI  2/23/2013

Fans of Cinematic Titanic were stunned to hear their announcement on 2/14/13 that they had decided to stop touring at the end of the year.  They would continue performing live shows until then, but starting in 2014 they would be moving on to new projects.  Those of us in the metro-Detroit area have been greatly blessed to have been able to see them on stage already three times in Royal Oak and twice in Ann Arbor.  On 2/23/13 they returned to the Royal Oak Music Theatre for the fourth consecutive year.  Joel even mentioned that they had performed there more than any other single venue in America.  I feel honored to be from what has turned out to be somewhat of a second home to them.

     My nephew Rick and his wife Melissa once again joined me for this year's Cinematic Titanic visit.  We met up before the show and decided to enjoy some dinner in downtown Royal Oak.  Lily's Seafood is just around the corner from the theater and we had a great meal and were served by an extremely friendly waitress (not aggressively so).  I recommend it to anyone visiting our fair city.

There had been articles in the local papers and even some brief ads on TV for the upcoming shows.  (I wasn't able to grab the clip off TV and wasn't able to find it on-line.  Those of you that know my compulsive nature I'm sure can guess that I still loose sleep over that.)
Once and finally the ROMT marquee beckons us onward.
My favorite seat for the fourth year in a row, although I think I was one row back the first year.  Any way, close enough.
Another cool poster was available for the event.  Tonight we were treated to The Wasp Woman, performed live for only the second time, and The Doll Squad, their most recent offering.
Gruber didn't make the trip this year so each of the others presented a little different warm up than we had seen before.  Joel did a lively Q&A where he roamed the theater with a microphone. 

A real highlight was when Trace and Josh were on stage and Trace mentioned that he recognized some familiar faces in the audience.  He motioned toward me, waved and said "Hi, Tom."  I waved back and then tried to remember how to breath.  Melissa got a huge thrill out of us being acknowledged from the stage.

Frank did his tweets from famous people in history bit, but added a twist by letting the audience shout out names for him to try to locate in his vast tweet archive.
We of course got in line to say "Thanks" and to get some autographs.  I had brought an item to show Joel, but the line was huge and they stayed to meet fans until there was almost no time left between shows.  Joel told me that if I wanted I could come backstage with them and he would take a look at the item.  Of course I was excited for the opportunity. 

Just then there was a break in the line and Joel came over and said since there was a minute I could show him what I had brought.  As it turned out what I thought might be one of his old stand up props he did not recall.  Part of it was made with a blue jart, which he did use in his act, but didn't recall making it into anything else.  Oh, well.  Not a vintage Joel prop and I didn't get to join them in the green room.  It was still great to get a few minutes to chat with Joel again.
This 8x10 photo was available for sale at the show.
Since there hasn't typically been anything like the previous photo, I always show up with something I made myself for the event.  In this case I decided to commemorate the Farewell Tour with their first and last publicity photos and copies of the original movies posters of the evening's event.
And finally the show was over.  The cast took a bow to a rousing ovation and then departed the stage. 

All four CT visits to the ROMT were amazing and I sincerely hope that whatever avenues they take starting in 2014 we will have opportunities to see them perform their amazing brand of humor again.  If they ever decide to come back as a group or individuals I guarantee you I will be there.  And yes Trace, I will be in my same seat.
As the crowd exited we offered one last "thank you" and the evening was over.  Melissa asked for one final photo with Joel as we headed for the door.

So many great memories of this incarnation of our MST3K/ Cinematic Titanic friends.  You're always welcome in Michigan.