CableACE Awards (ACE Awards up to 13th)      
Year Annual Nominations Nominations Announced Awards Telecast Host Winner Aired Comments
1991 13th Best Comedy Series 11/21/1991 1/12/1992 Danny Glover Dream On TNT BBI staff attended
          Cybill Shepherd      
1992 14th Writing for a Comedy Series 11/17/1992 1/17/1993 Lily Tomlin Dream On Lifetime BBI staff attended
1993 15th Art Direction in a Comedy Series     Sinbad Mastergate TNT Joel attended
    Best Comedy Series 11/2/1993 1/16/1994 Mariel Hemingway Larry Sanders Show    
    Writing for a Comedy Series     Beau Bridges Larry Sanders Show    
1994 16th Best Comedy Series 11/2/1994 1/15/1995 Bill Maher Larry Sanders Show TNT Attendees not known
1995 17th Writing an Entertainment Special -
  The MST3K Little Gold Statue
  Preview Special
9/20/1995 12/2/1995 Mary Tyler Moore Dennis Miller Live:
 America: Where Did Our
 Sense of Humor Go?
TNT Attendees not known
1996 18th Best Comedy Series 9/11/1996 11/16/1996 Drew Carey Larry Sanders Show TNT Attendees not known
1997 19th Best Comedy Series 9/23/1997 11/15/1997 David Hyde-Pierce Larry Sanders Show TNT Last CableACE.
          Sela Ward     Not attended by BBI.
NOTE: This is MST3K was nominated for Best Comedy Special for the 1993 awards, but for Comedy Central, not the writers from Best Brains.
  The show lost to John Leguizamo's Spic-O-Rama (HBO).          
    Peabody Award            
1993 53rd Excellence in television broadcasting for using superb, clever writing with wonderfully terrible B-grade movies. 3/31/1994 5/17/1994 Ed Bradley.
Held at Waldorf-Astoria in New York City
    Emmy Awards            
1994 46th Outstanding Achievement in Writing in a Variety or Music Program 7/21/1994 9/11/1994 Ellen DeGeneres Patricia Richardson Dennis Miller Live ABC Writers attended, but not sure exactly which ones.
1995 47th Outstanding Achievement in Writing in a Variety or Music Program 7/20/1995 9/10/1995 Jason Alexander Cybill Shepherd Dennis Miller Live FOX Mike, Trace, Paul, Frank, Mike Dodge, Bridget, Kevin, Mary Jo, Jim, Colleen Williams
    Saturn Awards            
2004 30th Best DVD Collection
 - DVD Sets 2-4
2/11/2004 5/5/2004 Jeffery Ross The Adventures of Indiana Jones
2006 32nd Best DVD Collection
 - DVD Sets 7-8
2/15/2006 5/2/2006 Jeffery Ross Bela Lugosi Collection  
2007 33rd Best DVD Television Release
 - DVD Sets 9-10
2/20/2007 5/10/2007 Greg Grunberg
Jeffery Ross
Masters of Horror    
NOTE: 2004 awards are for the eligibility year 2003.