Want List

Here is a list of the stuff I'm still looking for to add to my MST3K collection.
Some of it may just be a dream, but what the heck.  Read through the whole list when you get a few minutes.

Of course, if anyone has any thing on the list please contact me at trnoel@hotmail.com

1.  The complete pilot tape of  The Green Slime made to sell the show to KTMA. That's a big one off the list as of 10/3/2008.  Thanks Joel!

2.  The first three KTMA episodes: Invaders From the Deep (K01), Revenge of the Mysterons From Mars (K02) and Star Force: Fugitive Alien II (K03).

3.  A complete copy of the KTMA episode Superdome (K15).  All the circulating copies are missing the last host segment.

4.  Issue 1.2 of the Satellite News.  This came out in the summer of 1989 and is the only issue I don't have.

5.  The original Crow and Tom sold by Best Brains through the merchandise catalogs.  These are the only items I don't have in my collection.  (I guess technically I don't have a demon dog sold that way either, but I do have two that were used on the show).

6.  A tape of the Entertainment Tonight visit to Best Brains back in November 1990.

7.  The last few unMSTied movies I need.  As of today (7/30/04) all I need are The Sidehackers (202), Radar Secret Service (520), San Francisco International (614) and Hamlet (1009).  (I do have 16 mm prints of Radar Secret Service and Hamlet, but I haven't tried to get them transferred yet.)  I got 'em all now!

8.  A tape of the MST Live! show from 1989.  A few clips were on the scrapbook tape, but someone has the whole show, which included stand-up performances by Joel, Josh and Trace.

9.  A tape of the entire MST Alive! show from 1992.  The second half of the live MSTing of World Without End is out there on tapes, but not the whole thing.

10. A tape of the live convention-con version of This Island Earth.  Before MST3K: The Movie came out fans already got a chance to see the guys riff TIE live.

11. A tape of the pre-recorded intros that were used during the college tours whenever the Brains were unable to attend.

12. The MST version of Mylar: What's It To You? that was being prepared for the ill-fated CD-ROM back in 1996.

13. A tape of the pre-recorded studio tours used during the conventio-con 2 in 1996.  Mike and Kevin showed us around the Satellite of Love and Deep 13 sets and Mary Jo and Paul took us through the writing room.

14. Trace's farewell video from the conventio-con 2 in 1996.

15. A complete director's cut of MST3K: The Movie.  The storm shelter sequence is hilarious and a must see for all MSTies.

16. Copies of all the televised promos and commercials made over the years by the gang at Best Brains or by the stations to promote the show.

17. All the Turkey Day episodes as aired complete with the bumpers and commercials.  I've made some progress on this, but I still need most of the marathons from 1991, 92 and 93.

18. Banners, fliers or any other items used to promote the Mitchell College Tour and the Shorts College Tour.  I have nothing from these tours in my collection.

19. The complete broadcast schedule from September 1989 to October 1991.  This will give me the entire broadcast schedule for the entire run of the show.  If any one has any old local television listing with The Comedy Channel let me know.  Satellite Orbit magazine has some of the listings, but I'm having trouble finding copies that old.