Special Days, Weekends and Events
Featuring MST3K Episodes
If any one is aware of any other specal days or events that included MST3K episodes
please contact me and I'll add it to the list.
Date Channel Episode Special Day or Event Comments
12/31/1988 KTMA K07 New Year's Eve special airing End of evening of comedy specials
Jul-90 The Comedy Channel Various MST Sunday Marathon of Season 1 episodes (exact date unknown)
9/1/1990 The Comedy Channel Various Labor Day Blow Out Full day of MST episodes
8/18/1991 Comedy Central unknown History of Comedy Marathon I have a promo for this
11/27/1991 Comedy Central Various Turkey Day Marathon 30 hour marathon
4/15/1992 Comedy Central 105 Death and Taxes Day Last season 1 episode until TD 95
7/4/1992 Comedy Central 405 4th of July Weenie Roast premiere of 405
7/19/1992 Comedy Central 321 Christmas in July  
8/9/1992 Comedy Central 211/404 Invasion of the Comedy Snatchers  
9/7/1992 Comedy Central 404/402 Cheap Labor Day Weekend Weekend hosted by viewers
10/31/1992 Comedy Central 320 Howl-A-Thon  
11/25/1992 Comedy Central Various Turkey Day Marathon 30 hour marathon; included premiere of 415, 416
1/16/1993 Lifetime 301 CableACE Weekend Lifetime aired shows up for ACE awards
6/26/1993 Comedy Central 204 Beach Party Weekend  
9/3/1993 Comedy Central 415/507 Cheap Labor Day Weekend included premiere of 507
9/27/1993 Comedy Central 416/401/417/403/313 Mini-Marathon  
10/10/1993 Comedy Central 504 Comedy Undercover  
11/7/1993 Comedy Central 514 Comedy A to Z Marathon included premiere of 514
11/24/1993 Comedy Central Various Turkey Day Marathon Hosted by MSTies; included premiere of 517
11/27/1993 Comedy Central 517 Radioactive Weekend  
12/10/1993 Comedy Central 309/319 Coloss-A-Thon also included This is MST3K
12/24/1993 Comedy Central 321/521 Christmas Double Feature  
1/23/1994 MTV 516 MTV Comedy Weekend  
2/6/1994 Comedy Central 512 Undercover Weekend  
3/27/1994 Comedy Central 302/304/308/312/316 Candid Gamera Marathon  
5/1/1994 Comedy Central 517/522 Disaster Marathon  
6/5/1994 Comedy Central 505/511 Schtick 'em Up Marathon  
8/7/1994 Comedy Central 423 Dysfunctional Family Day  
11/4/1994 Comedy Central 402 Play MSTie For Me - debut Vincent Favale 15 minute intro to new viewer's choice
11/11/1994 Comedy Central 410 Play MSTie For Me - 2nd week 1/2 hour "call-in" with Marc Maron and V. Favale
11/23/1994 Comedy Central Various Turkey Day Marathon Hosted by Adam West; included premiere of 615, 604
5/28/1995 Comedy Central 302 Memorable Memorial Day Weekend  
6/13/1995 Comedy Central Various Viewer's Choice Summer Countdown Top 56 episodes shown through 9/1/95
7/16/1995 Comedy Central 321 Christmas in July  
10/31/1995 Comedy Central 423 Scared Stiffless Marathon  
11/23/1995 Comedy Central Various Turkey Day Marathon included showing four season 1 episodes and premiere of 701T
3/25/1996 Comedy Central 616 Critic's Choice Marathon  
4/18/1996 Comedy Central 212/512/704/516 MST3K: The Movie stunt Included special intros and some behind the scenes segments
1/25/1997 Sci-Fi Channel 800 MST3K: The Home Game The Day the World Ended riffed by MSTies on-line
11/27/1997 Sci-Fi Channel Various Turkey Day Marathon  
12/27/1999 Sci-Fi Channel 816/903/817/815/812 Chain Reaction Marathon aired after show had been cancelled