These are props from my own personal collection. 
Except for the bots they were all used in actual episodes.

mytom.jpg (33527 bytes) I guess I'll start with my own Tom and Crow.    Unfortunately not from the show, but built personally by master bot builder Gary Glover. mycrow.jpg (31014 bytes)
prop0102-enok.jpg (35717 bytes) Enok, the King of the Demon Dogs from Robot vs. the Aztec Monster (102).  This is a working puppet that was voiced by Jim Mallon until Enok was eaten by Gypsy. 102-enok.jpg (29648 bytes)
prop0102-dogs.jpg (34510 bytes) Another actual demon dog from Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy (102) and the season 1 intro.  The big guy was one that hung from the SOL desk.  The little one is seen at the end of episode 102 chasing a tennis ball into space. 102-dog.jpg (32878 bytes)
prop0201-intro.jpg (27371 bytes) This is the Satellite of Love shipping case that can be seen in the show opening from 201-512.  It blasts off out of a Gizmonic Institute building and delivers the SOL to space.  I'll put a list of all the little stickers in my Ouch, Minutiae section.
prop0201-mole.jpg (35782 bytes) The two Mole Man masks, Jerry and Sylvia.  After first appearing in Rocketship X-M (201) they added the respirator for 202.  The masks were even used during the first Turkey Day marathon in 1991. 

(The respirator was used again for the Jack Palance Impersonator Kit in 405.)

91turkeyday.jpg (23995 bytes)
prop0202-rommelhat.jpg (31444 bytes) Tom sports his Rommel hat as seen in The Sidehackers (202).  Tom again wore this hat as the director of the Emotional Scientist sketch in King Dinosaur (210). 202-rommel.jpg (30431 bytes)
Here is the water foosball invention exchange from Rocket Attack USA (205).

I picked this up from none other than Beez McKeever.

               Just in case anyone wanted to see a close up of the foosball players.
prop0301-goosehat.jpg (30986 bytes) Joel's "warrior" hat worn during a Cave Dwellers (301) host segment.

It was also worn by Jack Perkins during the intro to Part 2 of the MST3K Hour version of Cave Dwellers 

301-goose.jpg (28273 bytes)
prop0314-jumpsuit.jpg (25877 bytes) This is Joel's teal jumpsuit that he wore in episodes 208 through 211.  Joel switched to a burgundy outfit in 212 that he wore up until he departed the Satellite Of Love.  At the beginning of Mighty Jack (314) during a disaster on the SOL the retired jumpsuit was mussed up a bit.

The behind the scenes picture to the right was in the MST3K 2002 Calendar of Days.

314-jumpsuit.jpg (26944 bytes)
prop0401-tissue.jpg (27215 bytes) Pat Buchanan facial tissue that really is nothing to be sneezed at.  Part of the Mads' invention exchange in Space Travelers (401). 401-tissue.jpg (34306 bytes)
prop0404-ducttape.jpg (35509 bytes) Here's Crow modeling his fashionable duct-tape shirt worn in the Teenagers From Outer Space (404) fashion show. 404-duct.jpg (27106 bytes)
prop0405-tragic.jpg (30271 bytes) A personal favorite.  A Tragic Moments figure from Being From Another Planet (405). 405-tragic.jpg (29476 bytes)
prop0407-edgar.jpg (41988 bytes) It's Jim Henson's Edgar Winter Baby! as seen in The Killer Shrews (407). 407-edgar.jpg (34779 bytes)
prop0450-turkeyday2.jpg (37148 bytes) During the second Turkey Day marathon in 1992 Frank is forced to eat a turkey from each movie shown.  This is obviously the one forced upon him for The Unearthly. 92turkeyday.jpg (28362 bytes)
This waffle from Viking Women vs. the Sea Serpent (317) was given to a MSTie by Jef Maynard during a tour of the studio back in 1992.
prop0418-router.jpg (40125 bytes) During the Attack of the Eye Creatures (418) the ghost of Ethan Allen channels the Router Ouija Board. 418-router.jpg (32234 bytes)
When Hugh Beaumont visited the SOL during The Human Duplicators (420) he was flying this suburban spaceship.  The ship was first seen in (208) The Lost Continent. 420-beaumont.jpg (28990 bytes)
prop0502-amazon.jpg (18094 bytes) This is Bridget's Amazon Mom shirt from Hercules (502). 502-amazon.jpg (32895 bytes)
prop0512-daktari.jpg (43185 bytes) It's a Daktari Stool!

Joel's last invention exchange during Mitchell (512).

(The supports between the legs broke off years ago)

(The stool was used again by Professor Bobo in 802)

512-stool.jpg (32259 bytes)
prop0513-hammer.jpg (30971 bytes) This hammer bonked Mike on the noggin' at the beginning of episodes 513-624. 

It had previously been used in a skit during The Magic Voyage of Sinbad (505) and would be used again in The Thing That Couldn't Die (805).

513-hammer.jpg (31490 bytes)
Mike's green jumpsuit used during seasons 5-10.  

Mike wore this in his first episode as host, The Brain That Wouldn't Die (513), the Wisconsin patch was added for Beginning of the End (517) and the jumpsuit made it's last appearance in episode (1011) Horrors of Spider Island.

(Note: I'm using the picture to the left from the original eBay auction until I get a chance to take my own.)

          Here are close ups of the Wisconsin patch and name plate.
prop0513-deep13.jpg (22984 bytes) When  Joel left after 512 the Gizmonic logo also departed.  This is one of the Deep 13 logos made to replace it.  (This exact one was never actually used on the show). 513-deep13.jpg (30701 bytes)
prop0513-door5-2.jpg (21527 bytes) On the left is the working model for Door 5 from Mike's doorway sequence that was used in episodes 513 to 1013. door5anim.gif (121363 bytes)
prop0603-firehat.jpg (29086 bytes) Crow's fire helmet used during the fire drill in The Dead Talk Back (603) and again for the 1994 Red Cross public service commercial. 603-helmet.jpg (32784 bytes)
prop0612-united.jpg (27749 bytes) One of a multitude of United Servo Academy Choir bodies we listen to in Starfighters (612).
prop0624-banana.jpg (24076 bytes) Torgo the White is wearing this symbolic necklace when he assumes Frank into 2nd Banana Heaven during Samson vs. the Vampire Women (624).
prop0701T-mincemeat.jpg (28228 bytes) I am mincemeat!

The special 1995 Turkey Day edition of Night of the Blood Beast (701T) featured this memorable Tom Servo costume.

701t-pie.jpg (28968 bytes)
prop0704-earthvsoup.jpg (32448 bytes) Crow's Earth vs. Soup script seen in The Incredible Melting Man (704).
In the "Guys Night Out" sketch during Escape 2000 (705) Mike is holding this SOL ICE dead soldier in his left hand. 
prop0706-starbaby.jpg (32439 bytes) Another personal favorite.  The last time we see Dr. Forrester he has transformed into this star baby at the end of Laserblast (706).
prop-movie-gloves.jpg (52425 bytes) The manipulator gloves from MST3K: The Movie. movie-gloves.jpg (25476 bytes)
prop-movie-pin.jpg (7973 bytes) One of the many small bowling pins that can be seen attached to the set of the movie. movie-pin.jpg (26542 bytes)
This group of toy pliers was used for a section of the SOL set during the Sci-Fi Channel era.  It was above and to the right of the door behind Mike and the bots.
prop0816-dogbear2.jpg (27185 bytes) The dog and bear costumes used in Prince of Space (816).   Crow had previously used the bear get up in Jack Frost (813).
prop0820-cheese.jpg (16925 bytes) When Bobo steals this big cheese wheel he knocks over a lantern and sets Rome a blaze at the end of Space Mutiny (820).

The wedge was also seen at SOL's Deli from Teen-age Crime Wave (522).

prop0901-rat.jpg (15563 bytes) When the Mads move into Castle Forrester Bobo is carrying a box of LIVER ATS that turns out to be LIVE RATS in The Phantom Planet (902).

Frank's drinking jacket also featured one of these critters during Tormented (414). 

prop0913-madrigal.jpg (26280 bytes) One of Servo's madrigal costumes from Quest of the Delta Knights (913). 913-madrigal.jpg (35028 bytes)
prop1013-night.jpg (42950 bytes) During the very last shot of the series in Danger: Diabolik (1013) we see Mike and the bots watching The Crawling Eye on TV.  This is one of the posters on the wall in that shot.

And finally a prop that has lasted through the years

prop-set-seatfront.jpg (17137 bytes) This potty seat was from the Sci-Fi Channel set directly under the hexfield viewscreen.  Notice the light blue paint with light gray speckles. potty-05-scifi.jpg (34817 bytes)
prop-set-seatback.jpg (18554 bytes) This same potty seat was also featured directly above the doors on the Comedy Central set during seasons 2 through 7.

The color was a light gray even though the lighting sometimes made it appear beige.

potty-04-season2.jpg (33923 bytes)
  The picture at right shows that when the Comedy Central set was constructed the potty seats and reindeer above the door were already painted the same color, a darker blue/gray than the eventual set paint. potty-03-season2.jpg (25908 bytes)
prop-set-seatpaint.jpg (12558 bytes) When I removed a piece of tape that was stuck to the back of this potty seat I found a darker gray layer of paint.  
potty-02-ktma.jpg (33964 bytes) I believe that this potty seat was below the KTMA doors and has the original paint that was used to paint the set for the pilot and KTMA episodes.

The KTMA set sometimes looked red/ orange due to lighting.

potty-01-pilot.jpg (24415 bytes)


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