I believe it was Friedrich Nietsche (or maybe it was Ray Nitchke) who said the way to a man's heart is through a top line stereo system with really kick ass speakers.  So enjoy these sound bites gathered from around the world and arranged neatly into seasons, episodes and some miscellaneous categories

(Another service bought to you by the Obsessive Compulsive Society of America.  Please wash your hands three times before proceeding.)

decca.jpg (8508 bytes) KTMA chess.jpg (7836 bytes) Season 4 atlantic.jpg (7345 bytes) Season 8
columbia.jpg (7032 bytes) Season 1 coral.jpg (8195 bytes) Season 5 apple.jpg (7699 bytes) Season 9
rca victor.jpg (8194 bytes) Season 2 capitol.jpg (6054 bytes) Season 6 rso.jpg (6894 bytes) Season 10
king.jpg (6425 bytes) Season 3 motown.jpg (8436 bytes) Season 7 irs2.jpg (6919 bytes) Miscellaneous

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