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97-1a.jpg (48800 bytes) I arrived in Minneapolis on a rainy, Thursday afternoon. I called the studio, but was unable to get in the tour the following morning.   That evening I drove by the studio just to get a picture of the building and sign.   As the rains stopped I got out of the car and quickly took a picture of the studio.
97-2.jpg (45566 bytes) I then had my picture taken next to the sign and prepared to leave.

Luckily I met Paul Chaplin and Brad Keely at that point and they invited me in for a few minutes.

97-3.jpg (34955 bytes) Just inside the door was the Time/ Space sign and some Tragic Moments figures.
97-4.jpg (36099 bytes) I also saw the Router Ouija Board's Bless This Mess sign and Tibby.  (I understand he disappeared about a year later.)  The Daktari Stool was around the corner, but I didn't take a picture.

(A few years later I picked up the Tragic Moments, Bless This Mess and Daktari Stool during the eBay auction.)

97-5.jpg (56202 bytes) After chatting with Brad for a little while and seeing Mary Jo walk across the set I suddenly realized I was just holding my camera.  A quick shot of the SOL set.
97-6.jpg (47091 bytes) Directly across the room was the season 8 Roman World set.  It hadn't been seen on television yet when I was there.  
97-7.jpg (34962 bytes) Of course I had to get a picture of the spaghetti planet.
97-8.jpg (42318 bytes) And finally, one of the lunch area, which I recognized from the 1995 infomercial filmed there.
97-card.jpg (16991 bytes) As I was leaving I asked if I could get something for a keepsake and Brad graciously complied with a business card.
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