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10. One of the pictures posted on the Sci-Fi Dominion's MST3K web page showed the entire Best Brains crew at that time.  Although some of the faces are very familiar a few may not be know.  Here is a diagram to help you put names to all the faces.  Much thanks to Jack Theakston for creating the nifty numbered template and to Barb Tebben for filling in some of the blanks.

This picture was taken with the season 9 crew.  A few of the names from behind the scenes that may be a little less familiar are:

3.  Scott Bowman - intern (corrected 3/8/2013 - thanks for catching this Scott!)
7.  Dan Tanz - intern
8.  John Sims - Boom Operator/ SFX/ Foley
10. Andrea Ducane - Hair and Make-Up
11. Brad Keely - Technical Supervisor and Editing
13. Tim Johnson - Controller
14. Dan Breyer - Grip (lighting)
17. Mike Parker - Grip (lighting)
20. Peter Rudrud - Production Manager
21. Jeff Stonehouse - Director of Photography

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