Ouch, Minutiae!

Here are a few items of trivial or discrete knowledge that I find interesting.  At least I can finally put all those analytical techniques that I learned earning a degree in chemical engineering to good use.  Sometimes I make my parents proud.  This isn't one of those occasions.  They used to return my calls.  I may have too much time on my hands.

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1. What do we know about the MST3K pilot and missing episodes? (Still my favorite section)

1A. A detailed look at the pilot episode

2. What ever happened to Joel's beige, KTMA jumpsuit?

2A. A run down of all the various patches and pins Joel used to decorate his KTMA jumpsuit

3. The first on-screen appearances by the BBI cast and crew

4. What do we know about the Gizmonic Institute?

5. A little guessing game I like to call Name That T-Zone

6. Best Brains own merchandise they used on-screen

7. What are all those little stickers on the Satellite of Love shipping case?

8. Identifying marks for each Turkey Day marathon

9. Comparing doorway sequences

10. Who are all those folks in the Sci-Fi era crew picture?

11. An All-Time MST3K Broadcast Schedule!

12. List of all the cast appearances and MST related features with specific dates
            Note: These are appearance I know of that are available on VHS, DVD or audio.

13. A detailed list of all the MST award nominations and ceremonies

14. The complete itinerary for the 1996 MST3K: The Movie publicity tour

15. Information and itineraries of the four college tours.

16. A list of all the promos/ ads that I am aware of

16A.  Turkey Day Promos - includes all the promos shown leading up to and during the marathon plus nine promos that were taped for the 1993 marathon that were never aired on TV.

17. HELP!  Things I'm still looking for

18. All the movie introductions done by The Film Crew on Encore and Starz on Demand.
NOTE: I've identified which intros I have already recorded.  Any one that has any of the ones I don't have please let me know so I can get copies.  I plan to make a master DVD of all of them.

19. MST Episodes shown as part of special events (Turkey Days, 4th of July Weenie Roast, Disaster Marathon, etc.)

20. MST3K Hour Host Segments - with Mike Nelson appearing as Jack Perkins.

21. Here is a list of the feature length film commentaries from the folks at RiffTrax

22. And how about a list of the offerings from The Film Crew, Cinematic Titanic and the rest?

23. Annoying Stuff - Bugs, logos, voice-overs and squeeze backs.  The history of stuff done by the networks just to annoy the viewers. - COMING SOON

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