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3. First on-screen appearances by the cast and crew.  Although some crew members had supplied voices in earlier episodes, these are the first chances we had to see the Brains in front of the camera.

Joel Hodgson 1stjoel.jpg (28294 bytes) Pilot - The Green Slime Joel first appeared as Joel Robinson in the original pilot for the show.
Trace Beaulieu, Josh Weinstein 1stmads1.jpg (12413 bytes) K01 - Invaders From The Deep Both Trace and Josh appear briefly as the mad scientists in the KTMA opening.
Trace and Josh (again) 1stmads2.jpg (20516 bytes) K07 - Gamera vs. Zigra The first time Trace and Josh have speaking parts was when Dr. Forrester and Dr. Erhardt were finally introduced to us on New Years Eve 1988.
Frank Conniff 1stfrank.jpg (19125 bytes) 201 - Rocketship X-M Frank showed up as Dr Forrester's new assistant for the beginning of season 2.
Mike Nelson 1stmike.jpg (23862 bytes) 201 - Rocketship X-M Mike appeared in the new hexfield viewscreen as Valeria, a character from the season 1 episode 110 - Robot Holocaust.
Jim Mallon 1stjim.jpg (22671 bytes) 203 - Jungle Goddess Jim and Mike visited the SOL as two great white hunters.
Kevin Murphy 1stkevin.jpg (25655 bytes) 309 - The Amazing Colossal Man Kevin finally showed up on screen as Plant Guy, a plant who reviewed music.
Bridget Jones 1stbridget.jpg (21783 bytes) 316 - Gamera vs. Zigra Mike and Bridget portrayed Kenny and Helen who flew in on Gamera's back.
Paul Chaplin 1stpaul.jpg (30320 bytes) 405 - Being From Another Planet Two holo-clowns appeared in the hexfield played by Paul and Mike.
Mary Jo Pehl 1stmaryjo.jpg (26520 bytes) 502 - Hercules Mary Jo first showed up as an Amazon Mom along with Bridget.
Patrick Brantseg 1stpatrick.jpg (24484 bytes) 521 - Santa Claus Patrick (center) visited the SOL as part of the Nelson family along with Tim Scott and Mary Jo.
Bill Corbett 1stbill.jpg (23959 bytes) 804 - The Deadly Mantis The three nuclear bomb worshipping mutants were portrayed by Paul, Bill and Beth "Beez" McKeever.  Bill had been an ape in 801-803, but was concealed under a mask.

And here are a few other notable appearances

Faye Burkholder 1st-303faye.jpg (25309 bytes) 303 - Pod People Although often mistaken for Bridget Jones, that's hair and make-up artist Faye as the recording studio assistant.
Eli Mallon 1st-306eli.jpg (22602 bytes) 306 - Time of the Apes That's Jim Mallon's son showing up on screen as the normal sized baby about to be fed Dr. Forrester's Miracle Baby Growth Formula.
Tim Scott 1st-306tim.jpg (23669 bytes) 306 - Time of the Apes The enlarged baby was played by the Technical Supervisor, Tim Scott.
Brad Keely 1st-507brad.jpg (28120 bytes) 507 - I Accuse My Parents Rodney the exotic dancer bursts forth (from the cake) giving Brad a chance to show skills other than editing.
David Sussman 1st-601david2.jpg (26222 bytes) 601 - Girls School The Power Steves included Mary Jo, Paul and staff writer David.
Mike Dodge 1st-602mike.jpg (23470 bytes) 602 - Invasion USA Another staff writer Mike Dodge portrayed A-Bomb.
Beth "Beez" McKeever, Barb Tebben 1st-704beez.jpg (24333 bytes) 704 - The Incredible Melting Man The Earth vs. Soup focus group gave Prop Assistant Beez and Assistant Info Club Poobah Barb their first on-screen credit.
Jack Beaulieu 1st-706jack.jpg (17793 bytes) 706 - Laserblast Trace's father played an important stage in the 2001 based ending to the Comedy Central era.
Dan Breyer 1st-819dan.jpg (22987 bytes) 819 - Invasion of the Neptune Men Intern Dan was one of the Roman Day Players waiting to get the autograph of the Mad Goth.
Tim Johnson 1st-820tim.jpg (21868 bytes) 820 - Space Mutiny Pearl says "bring Mike Down here" and voila! the BBI controller gladly steps in.
Humphrey (Murphy) 1st-904humph.jpg (24699 bytes) 904 - Werewolf Bobo is attacked by the ferocious werewolf portrayed by Kevin's own dog.
Peter Rudrud 1st-910peter.jpg (20327 bytes) 910 - The Final Sacrifice The production manager Peter as Todd Gunderson is under siege by Pearl in her efforts to take over the world.
The rest of the populus of Minnesota 1st-913b-pancake.jpg (26437 bytes) 913 - Quest of the Delta Knights A huge crowd of 22 cast, crew, family and friends attended the Delta Knights pancake breakfast.
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