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2. A lot of Joel and Mike's jumpsuits were auctioned off on eBay, but do you ever think about what       happened to Joel's old beige outfit.  I have prepared a list of some later sightings of it.

beige-ktma.jpg (25380 bytes) Here's Joel back in the KTMA days in all his beige jumpsuited glory.
beige-205.jpg (31061 bytes) In Rocket Attack USA (205) Mike shows up as Joel's Russian counterpart.  Not only has Mike created some robot friends of his own, but he seems to have found Joel's old jumpsuit.
beige-303.jpg (32242 bytes) Then in Pod People (303), during the "Trumpy you can do magic things" segment, what should come flying through the room but the same old jumpsuit.
beige-606.jpg (29587 bytes) Three seasons later the jumpsuit appears again on laundry day in Deep 13 during The Creeping Terror (606).  Perhaps the mads were trying to tell us something since Frank carelessly tosses the old suit around mixed in with a bunch of bright green labcoats.
beige-scifitour.gif (34720 bytes) Finally, the beige jumpsuit seems to have been retired to the wardrobe/ make-up room at BBI studios.  Here it is wedged between Mike's blue movie jumpsuit (with the WISCONSIN and cheese patches) and Mike's dark green suit used on both Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Channel.

(This picture was taken by Invincor during a tour on April 18, 1997)


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