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Hi folks.  I started this website back on March 11, 2001.   
I hope you enjoy it.

6/28/21 Reworked the main directory page and moved and eliminated some of the buttons. We created a new button for live shows that are now on their own page. We also created a page for the 1101 Red Carpet Premiere that was in Chicago on 2/16/2017.
6/15/21 Updated the History section to current date!

Rick is currently in the process of updating all the old code for the site in order to clean up the back end and add more consistency throughout all the pages. If you find any errors or issues, please contact him at with any information (page name and issue) so he can fix it.

6/8/21 The year that was 2020 is complete in the History section and we have begun adding the events of 2021.
5/17/21 I am happy to announce that my site is back up and running, but now it is named Long story short, my host service for 20 years had always sent an invoice to me to pay for the domain name subscription. They decided this year that they were not going to do that anymore, but never notified me. The renewal date came and went and as soon as the domain expired someone snatched it up and it became a gambling site. So, for at least the time being anyone trying to access the .com that I owned for 20 years will be sent to a completely unrelated site. I am sorry for the confusion and inconvenience but please use to reach my site. I do want to thank my nephew Rick and fellow MSTie Ron McAdams for jumping in and helping salvage the site. Sure glad we back this beast up frequently.
4/23/21 We started adding the notes for COVID-ridden 2020 and reformatted some of the history menu to help clarify what is included in each section.
11/14/20 2019 is now completed and we are moving on to 2020 and beyond.
8/20/20 All of the 2018 events have been added to part 9 of the history. Moving on to 2019.
8/6/20 Part 8 of the history is now complete and covers 1/1/17 - 12/31/17. We will be starting part 9 next week.
5/22/20 We finished part 7 of the history, which gets us through 12/31/16. On to part 8.
4/24/20 Sorry for another long delay giving updates, but we started to add some information to the history section. Once we get the history up to date, we plan to hopefully add a lot of new information to other sections of the site.
7/5/16 Some more updates completed including a bunch of photos from the MST3K Reunion in Minneapolis on 6/28.
7/20/16 Added a report of my trip to the MST3K Reunion.
7/5/16 Some more updates completed including a bunch of photos from the MST3K Reunion in Minneapolis on 6/28.
6/25/16 Big News!  After WAY too long I have started making some major updates to the site with the help of my nephew Rick.  As I put together the text and photos he is uploading everything for me.  Please take a look at the last couple HISTORY sections.  I finished 2013 and then added a new page to cover 2014, 2015 and 2016 to date.  My plan right now is to make the next page start with the MST3K Revival.

Next I plan to update some photos from the earlier history pages plus I have a bunch of memorabilia to add as well including movie posters, magazines and more items from the MSTied movies themselves.

To all of the MSTies who have been encouraging me to keep going I'd like to offer my sincere thank you for the support.  Keep your fingers crossed that I can keep it up to date better moving forward.  Enjoy!
7/29/14 Found a solution to get Tom back up and running soon. Expect updates to resume within the next month. - Rick
2/2/14 My web development software became obsolete about two months ago and I am just getting onboard with a new program. Hopefully I will be able to get some updates posted fairly quickly.
11/28/13 I added a lot of great pictures to the Pre-History section (some of which have been seen in my live show write ups).  I also was just recently made aware of a very early TV appearance by Joel on the Nickelodeon show Out of Control hosted by Dave Coulier.  The show aired back in late 1984 and featured Joel performing some magic tricks and helping with some skits.  You can see the changes here.  Also, the entire episode with Joel can be seen on Youtube at:  Thanks to Matthew Kerr for bringing this to my attention.
9/24/13 I finally added something to the memorabilia section.  In MSTied Memorabilia I added photos of the covers of LP's related to the show and/or actors.  See it here.
9/13/13 Recent history updated; lots of RiffTrax posters added too.
6/7/13 A few more items in the Recent History section.
3/9/13 OK.  I finally posted the page for Cinematic Titanic's visit to the Royal Oak Music Theater on 2/23/13.  Great show as always and I wish them all well in their upcoming endeavors.
2/2/13 Even more recent history.
12/22/12 Recent history is yet again up to date.
12/9/12 Recent history is again up to date.
10/27/12 Updated the recent history through this week's RiffTrax Live performance of Birdemic.
10/26/12 Added 25+ posters to the RiffTrax and other post-MST galleries.
8/11/12 OK, OK.  So I finally got off my couch and updated the Recent History section of this site.  Luckily, not much has happened since I worked on it last.  Still, I decided to create a new page starting with the beginning of 2012.  You can get caught up here.
7/7/12 Added a page for the Cinematic Titanic shows in Ann Arbor, MI.  See it here.
4/28/12 Wow.  I really need to get off my butt and keep this site up to date.  All I can say I have accomplished this time is that I finally posted a page for the Cinematic Titanic Live shows in Royal Oak, MI back on 2/25/12.  Read it here.
12/29/11 Lots of updates to the recent history section.  I didn't realize so much had happened in the last few months.
10/8/11 I added a write up of my trip to Minneapolis in September to see three Cinematic Titanic Live! shows.  Read it here.
9/2/11 I updated the movie posters in the Photo Gallery.  I even added posters for the yet to be released on DVD, but being performed live Cinematic Titanic titles.
8/6/11 Seems to be getting harder to find time to make updates, but just hang in there and I'll eventually get to them.  Recent history is up to date.
5/29/11 Recent history updated with lots of pictures.  I also went back and filled in some more information about the w00tstock appearances by Bill, Kevin, Mike, Trace and Mary Jo.
3/9/11 Finally!  Sorry for taking so long to add anything to my site.  Here is a report on the Cinematic Titanic Live! show at the Royal Oak Music Theater on 2/26/11.

I promise to update some long over due sections of the site this year.  That's my resolution and of course everyone always lives up to those.
12/28/10 Updated recent history through the RiffTrax almost live Christmas show.
10/30/10 Updated recent history through the RiffTrax Live! Halloween show.
9/17/10 I added a lengthy write up of Dragon*Con 2010 and the vast array of MST/CT/RT related events.  I'm green with envy for those able to attend.
8/20/10 Updated the recent history through last nights RiffTrax Live! presentation of Reefer Madness.
7/25/10 Updates to the recent history up through San Diego Comic Con.  I was able to get some screen grabs from a few of the recent RiffTrax on-line events too.  Mmmmm...bacon.
7/3/10 Lots of new items in the recent history section and a report on the Cinematic Titanic live shows in Ann Arbor, MI.  See the report here.
6/5/10 I added a bunch of pictures to the MSTied Movie section of the photo gallery.  They include almost every comic and magazine from Space 1999 and a complete run of all the Gorgo comics from back in the 1960's.
5/22/10 I thought I should get off my butt and update something so I added some new movie posters to the Photo Gallery and updated the recent history.  I also reorganized my Rocky Jones page and created a new page specifically for the Silvercup Rocket.
4/3/10 Just added a few pictures from the recent RiffTrax web events.
3/31/10 I started a fourth page in the recent history section as of 1/1/2010.  The last few years had a lot to record and the page was getting pretty big.  Let's hope that enough happens this year to fill another page.
2/21/10 I just added a page commemorating the visit of Cinematic Titanic Live! to the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI.  Take a look at it here.
12/18/09 More additions to the recent history, including the RiffTrax Live! Christmas show.
11/28/09 Recent history updated again, but I also wanted to mention that this web site received it's 100,000th hit on 11/24/09.  Thanks to all the visitors in the past and I hope you keep coming back for more.
10/4/09 Recent history has been updated.
9/20/09 There is a new button at the top of the directory page that will take you to my write up of the three night Cinematic Titanic Live event in Chicago held 9/10-12/09.  I had a great time and made some great new friends.  Here is another way to get to the page.
8/22/09 RiffTrax Live has been added to the recent history.  A great event that I hope is only a prelude to many more similar offerings.  Click here to go to that page.
8/9/09 I visited the Air Zoo Museum in Kalamazoo, MI to see the original Rocky Jones Space Ranger rocket they are restoring.  Some pictures from my trip are at the bottom of this page.  During a behind the scenes tour I found that they also are in possession of a Starfighter, fully equipped for in-flight refueling.
8/2/09 Some info and pictures (thanks to ShutterBun) from this years San Diego Comic Con have been added to the recent history section.
7/21/09 With the recent KTMA related resurgence I thought I would share these pictures with fellow MSTies.  Most of us have seen these as black and white pictures in the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide, but here they are in their original colorful glory.  These were taken near the end of the run on KTMA.
And just to show that I haven't lost my ridiculous love of MST minutiae you can click here to learn where all the various patches and pins on Joel's jumpsuit came from.
7/18/09 Jim Mallon posted some great clips, photos and memoirs on the website in a new section called Genesis.  This allowed me to do a pretty aggressive overhaul of the Minutiae section regarding the missing episodes.  You can see it here.
I also updated the recent history section to include this plus some other current events.
6/13/09 Recent history updated, again.
5/3/09 Recent history updated.
4/21/09 Well...I had to make some major behind the scenes upgrades due to changes by my web host.  Everything should be back to normal now, so if any one notices any problems (links that don't work, pictures that don't load, etc.) please let me know.
3/5/09 I added a page commemorating my trip to Cleveland to see Cinematic Titanic live on 2/28/09.  See it here
1/31/09 More updates to the recent history with lots of pictures.
12/31/08 I made some updates to the All Time Broadcast Schedule in the Ouch, Minutia section.  Mainly I put in estimated debut dates for all of Season 1 (1989-1990).  I used info from a lot of different resources, including some cable guides from both New York and Milwaukee areas.  I know this changes the previous listings somewhat, but I have pretty high confidence this is correct.  I am still looking for more confirmation.  If anyone has any tapes/DVDs that were made back during 1989 or 1990 that still includes the commercials please get in touch with me.  Those tapes have been the best method for filling in holes I've had so far.
12/23/08 I went to an exhibit of Extraordinary Costumes from Film and Television.  Its not entirely MST related, but I thought it was pretty fun to see all these iconic items.  I hope you enjoy them.
11/26/08 I added some new images to the Rocky Jones page.  I recently picked up a cool rubber band shooting pistol from 1954 and I finally added all the pages from the 1955 Syndication Brochure (14 pages in thumbnail format).  Check it out here.
11/1/08 Another update of the recent History section.  Lots going on lately.  By the way, due to a few requests I split the last history page to help it load faster.  I also added a quick links list to the history menu page to help everyone get to their desired page easier.  You can see it here.
10/28/08 Here's my page about the Cinematic Titanic Live performance 10/25/08 in Minneapolis.  As usual I included some other MST related sites I visited and a few of my tourist stops.
10/19/08 With the newly available KTMA pilot tape I have updated my What We Know About the Missing Episodes page here.  I created an entire page dedicated to the pilot to summarize what we now know.  This is truly monumental to MSTies like myself who love learning all the minutiae.
10/17/08 In honor of the 20th anniversary of the debut of MST3K on Thanksgiving Day 11/24/08 I created a little tribute.  Please give it some time to download and I hope you like it.  There's a link on the previous page or you can click here.

9/24/08 I've been meaning to add a few more early influences on MST3K to the pre-history page of the history.  Check out what I added at the bottom of the page right here.
9/14/08 I added a new page in the poster gallery to include Post-MST3K projects other than all the wonderful Mike Nelson-based RiffTrax.  I've put images in there for offerings form The Film Crew, Cinematic Titanic and RiffTrax Presents.  Check it out here.

If anyone can help me locate original posters for Hollywood After Dark and The Doomsday Machine I would greatly appreciate it.  Please email me if you can locate a poster or picture of the poster.  Thanks.

9/6/08 Thanks to the recent clip shown at Dragon*Con 2008 in Atlanta I updated the section in Ouch, Minutiae regarding what we know about the original pilot.  Check it out here.  (I plan to add some pictures and clips soon.)
7/31/08 Wow!  I attended the 2008 San Diego Comic Con from 7/24-7/27/08 for the MST3K 20th Anniversary Reunion.  I got to meet Mike, Kevin, Bill, Bridget, Mary Jo, Joel, Trace and Frank as well as seeing Jim, Josh and Paul.  I was able to see the reunion panel and RiffTrax Live!  So many great things that I created a separate page to discuss it.  There's a link on the directory page (that's the one you probably just came from.)
7/13/08 Quite a few updates to the Ouch, Minutiae section.  Let's see: cast appearances, awards (now include all Saturn Award nominations), my latest additions to the MST Hour collection, MST promos (now up to 382 different plus 261 more Turkey Day promos) and some new info on the all-time MST broadcast schedule (I've completed from April 1991 on plus a little more in 1990).

I also added two more items: a list of all the RiffTrax feature film commentaries and a separate page that lists the offerings from Cinematic Titanic, RiffTrax On Demand, RiffTrax Presents,, Cartoon Dump and the Film Crew.

7/9/08 The Recent History is up to date through the 4th of July weekend.
6/29/08 Well, I thought I would add a quick update to let everyone know that I attended the Riverside Saginaw Film Festival on 6/27.  This was a very fun event for me for a few reasons.  After all these years this was the first time I saw MST3K: The Movie on the big screen (at the magnificently restored Temple Theatre in Saginaw, MI).  It also marked the first time I have ever seen a live performance by a member of the MST cast.  Kevin Murphy attended the screening and performed his hilarious discussion of "Why Hollywood Sucks."  He performed for about an hour to a much appreciative audience of approximately 100 people then we enjoyed the movie.  A very fun evening.
4/8/08 I updated the links page to include The Writers Room and Shout! Factory.  A few more things were added to the recent history and movie posters as well.

I found some more information and photos to add to my Rocky Jones page too.

3/24/08 The recent history has been thoroughly updated within an inch of its life.  I may end up splitting this page because its starting to get pretty large.
2/7/08 An all new section has been added to the MSTied Movie Memorabilia page.  The most detailed history and collection of Rocky Jones, Space Ranger items you could ever hope to see.  Yep, right HERE.
2/6/08 In the Photo Gallery I decided to add the original TV Guide ads for RiffTrax such as Nestor, the Long-Eared Donkey, Lost, Heroes and the Star Wars Holiday Special.

I've also finally started to add some more pictures to the MSTied Movie memorabilia pages.  All of the 8mm/Super 8 films are now pictures in there.  I'll be adding a lot more over the next week.

There is also one more item in the prop room.  There is an actual waffle used during the Viking Women vs. the Sea Serpent (317) host segments.  Jef Maynard gave this to a MSTie during a 1992 tour.  I even have some photographic evidence from that visit to Best Brains.  Thanks Kathy.

11/18/07 I added some pictures of my newest MST item in the Prop Room of the Photo Gallery.  It's the green jumpsuit that Mike wore in numerous episodes during seasons 5 through 10.

I also made some updates to the recent history section, what with all the goings on and such lately.

11/8/07 With all the new MST-related happenings I decided to update my Links page.
9/23/07 Just a few additions to the recent history section.
8/12/07 All new updates to the recent history section.  A note to MSTies: I added a picture of Mike, Kevin and Bill at this years San Diego Comic Con, but I can't figure out where I found it.  I realize I didn't get permission in advance to use it, so if you're the photographer please contact me so I can give you proper credit.
5/17/07 I had to post the following quote from an interview with Trace Beaulieu that appeared on the Quick Stop Entertainment website on 5/16/07:

BEAULIEU: I was looking at a site on the web the other day - ďTomís TempleĒ or something like that. Every tiny scrap of information is up on the web.

QS: Anything that you wish wasnít out there?

BEAULIEU: NoÖ In fact, itís very handy. When I canít remember stuff, I go there and I go, ďOh yeah, yeah, I remember that now. Thank you for remembering that for me.Ē

QS: So itís sort of like a separate brain for you.

BEAULIEU: Yeah, exactly. Itís a hard drive.

Thanks, Trace!

5/5/07 I rearranged the movie posters a little.  RiffTrax now has it's own section.  The "Miscellaneous" posters are now on the Season 7 page.  I hope to post posters for the upcoming Film Crew DVDs, but I'm having a heck of a time locating Hollywood After Dark and a good copy of Wild Women of Wongo.  I'll keep searching.
2/25/07 Updated the Recent News in the History section.
2/3/07 Some more pictures added to the MSTied Movie Memorabilia page in the Photo Gallery.
1/6/07 I added some new items to the recent memorabilia section of the Photo Gallery including one of my favorite new acquisitions.  During Mike Nelson's visit to Southern Arkansas University to deliver his Halloween lecture he had a chance to review THIS website.  Upon seeing my collection of MST props he personally signed a copy of the poster for that event.







11/22/06 Updated the recent history section.  Lots of RiffTrax and promotional appearance news added.
10/8/06 By popular demand I have expanded the Miscellaneous Movie Poster page to include posters for all the RiffTrax titles.  I'll have to admit I don't own all of these personally, but I've worked out an arrangement with a source that will supply me with images for those I don't already have.  I'll keep it updated as new titles are announced.
9/12/06 I added a few things to the recent history section.  An MST reference, including a little animated gif I made, from the Food Network show Good Eats.  Also, I updated the most recent history with the latest RiffTrax, DVD releases and cast appearances.
8/13/06 A few more items added to the MSTied Movie Memorabilia page.  Some more Super 8 movies, magazines and miscellaneous items.
8/6/06 I added a link to RiffTrax.  I love this new site and if Road House and The Film Element are any indicator we're in for a whole bunch of hilarity from Mike (and possibly some friends).

The recent history section was updated to include this news and any other current events I'm aware of.

7/20/06 I just opened a brand new section in the memorabilia room of the Photo Gallery.  It is made up of items related to the movies used during the run of MST3K.  I have a lot more to put in there, but check it out HERE.  There is a lot of fun stuff already posted.  Let me know what you think.

I also have added some pictures from copies of the 1979 and 1980 University of Wisconsin Badger.  Those are the yearbooks that cover the time that Jim Mallon was the president of the student government and head of the infamous Pail & Shovel party.  Those are posted HERE.

7/9/06 Still adding more items to the memorabilia photo gallery.  I have finally added all the magazines I have with MST related articles, 260 magazines in all (so far).
7/1/06 Whew!  I finally finished posting pictures of the 20 different Life Survival Kits I've collected over the years.  You can see them HERE.

I also added Best Brains Staff access badges from each of the ConventioCons.  They are posted HERE.

6/23/06 Updated the Turkey Day promos list.  I found one I forgot to list and I added each of the host segments from Night of the Blood Beast (701T).

More of the Life Survival Kits have been added too.  Only a few more to go.

6/16/06 First off I'm happy to announce that Michael "Cheepnis" Slusher and I have completed what I strongly believe is the best quality and most complete compilation of MST Hour Host Segments (the ones where Mike dressed as Jack Perkins does intros to the movies).  You can pick them up at his website at and be sure to check out which ones we're still looking for in my own Ouch, Minutiae section.

I've also added dozens of new pictures in the Photo Gallery.  Lots of additions to the Non-BBI Merchandise (eBay items and Post-MST3K) and in the Memorabilia Section (Conventions, The Movie, Sci-Fi Era and Recent stuff).

6/8/06 The promo list in Ouch Minutiae is now up to 282.  I found 6 unique, generic promos in a press kit sent out for the beginning of MST in syndication in Sept. 1995.
6/2/06 Quite a few updates in the Photo Gallery.  I added an early 1991 Life Survival Kit in the Best Brains Merchandise room.  I added all the new merchandise from the last year or so, mostly Rhino issued DVD's, but also some items in the non-BBI merchandise room.  I still need to add a few pictures.  I also updated some in the Recent Memorabilia room.
6/1/06 A new group of sound files has been added on the Miscellaneous Sounds page.  There are 65 new files including a bunch of short catch phrases, all the various opening theme songs and 25 sounds from MST3K: The Movie.

I also opened the beginning of the Life Survival Kit pictures in the Photo Gallery. Look in the BBI - Merchandise room.  There is just the very first one so far, but eventually I'll post all the variations sold from 1990 to 1999.

5/29/06 I upgraded the picture of all the little stickers on the SOL packing crate in Ouch Minutiae item 7.  I also added some pictures at the bottom of the page to show a fun connection with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  No, really.
5/26/06 I updated the table of awards in Ouch, Minutiae.  I was able to track down a little more info on dates, attendees and locations.  A nice man at the Peabody Awards helped fill in some info, but unfortunately didn't have an extra copy of the ceremony program to send me.
5/21/06 Finally a few updates.  In Ouch, Minutiae: some new promos listed bringing us up to 273 different now.  Also a few minor updates to the Cast Appearances list and the Special Days list.  I also got the recent history section up to date and added some more pictures.
3/26/06 50,000 Hits!  Thanks to all my visitors for helping me reach this milestone a few days ago.  

In the Ouch Minutiae section I added a complete list of 249 Turkey Day promos and bumpers (I found one more just a few days ago) as well as a complete list of the MST3K Hour host segments starring Mike Nelson as Jack Perkins.  As usual I included a column to show which segments I'm still looking for.  

I also wanted to mention that Gary "Skyronitor" Bacon has compiled all of the Film Crew and Mike Nelson movies intros done for Starz On Demand and Encore that I recorded from June to December last year.  You can pick up a copy here if you're interested.  There are 46 intros and almost an hour of new Mike, Kevin and Bill and this is one of the few chances you'll have to see Kevin in fishnet stockings.

3/11/06 To celebrate my website's 5-Year Anniversary I decided to get off my butt and add some updates.  I've got the history section completely up to date including some more pictures.  In the Ouch, Minutiae section I've updated the following:
Cast Appearances - everything I am aware of, but I keep finding more.
Promos - taking a suggestion from the message board I've added a column showing what promos I have plus about 25 more I know of, but don't have.
Film Crew Appearances - this is the complete list since no new intros are being made.  As always, if anyone has anything I'm missing please contact me.
Special Days and Events - NEW!  This is a list of Turkey Days, Weenie Roasts, Mini-Marathons, etc that featured MST content.

I'm also almost done with the definitive list of all the promos and bumpers shown during the various Turkey Day Marathons.  Hard to believe, but from 1991 to 1995 there were 248 different bits used during the marathons.


Added an RSS Feed to the site. Learn more HERE

Also cleaned up some borders on images that shouldn't have been there.

11/25/05 Updated a few sections in Ouch, Minutiae.  First off I crossed off the last few unMSTied movies I needed.  I have them all now (as noted below).

I also finally added about 50 Sci-Fi Channel promos I have to the promo list.  There are over 260 on the list now.

Finally, I updated the Starz/Encore Film Crew intros list.  My contact at Starz says that there are no new Film Crew intros scheduled, but Mike Nelson will continue to do them with actress Chase Masterson.  I'm still hoping some MSTie will step forward that recorded some of the early intros that I missed taping.  I plan on having a DVD of all the intros available by the end of the year.

10/9/05 I split the last section of the MST History section so it loads faster.
10/7/05 In the Ouch, Minutiae section each year of the all-time broadcast schedule has been updated with new or corrected information.  I also updated the Film Crew intro list on Starz and Encore.

I'd also like to post a special thank you to Bobbie Culbertson (mstjunkie) for helping me find an unMSTied copy of San Francisco International.  I now have every single movie used by MST3K in it's original, unMSTied form.  (I guess that's a good thing).

9/27/05 Updated the Recent History section.  Special thanks go to David Sofranko who was lucky enough to attends Mike's performance at the Shadowbox Cabaret and kind enough to send me one of the the posters.
9/20/05 There is now a much improved picture of the movie poster for ISCWSLABMUZ (812) and a rare trade ad for the original video release of Space Mutiny (820) was it was title Mutiny in Space.
8/29/05 I updated my links page adding Gary "Skyroniter" Bacon and the MST3K Review Discussion Board.  In the Ouch, Minutiae section I updated the Promo list (up to 202 not counting all the Turkey Day bits) and added two new section (17-Things I'm still looking for; 18-The Film Crew on Starz on Demand and Encore).  I also listed a few I'll be adding soon (19-MST Special Events like Turkey days, Weenie Roasts, etc; 20-Annoying Stuff - the history of bugs, logos, voice-overs and squeeze backs).

One note about The Film Crew on Starz on Demand and Encore:  I identified which intros I've been able to tape.  Anyone that has any of the others I've missed please contact me so I can get a copy.  Thanks.

7/12/05 Updated the recent history section including some pictures of the Film Crew on Encore.
6/26/05 I made a few changes to the first screen and added a link to a short description of where the website name came from.  I also updated the My Story section a little.
6/7/05 I updated a few things in the Ouch, Minutiae section.  I now have 198 promos listed and am still on the hunt for more.  I also updated the All-Time Broadcast schedule for 1992-1995 with a few corrections and some additional info I have run across while reviewing old tapes.
5/21/05 Updated the recent history section.
4/24/05 In the Ouch Minutiae section I updated the cast appearances page and I added a list of MST3K related promos and commercials.  I have 189 different promos listed through the end of the Comedy Central era.  I'm sure there are many more so I have a request for MSTies around the world:  Please review your old tapes with commercials and see if there are any relating to MST3K.  If you can't tell if it's on my list contact me at and we can figure it out.  I'm trying to create a database and DVD of every possible MST related promo.  I'll be glad to buy or trade for what you have.  I will be adding the Sci-Fi Channel era to date later on.
4/18/05 I finally picked up an original poster of Colossus and the Headhunters so I replaced the cheesy video box art I had in the Photo Gallery.  I also added a picture of one of the original Italian posters I have for the same movie.
3/26/05 I finally updated the recent history section.  It's right up to date now with a few more pictures thrown in for your viewing pleasure.
3/20/05 It's been a while so I wanted to add some obscure MST references to the show's history.  Most of the following are accompanied by pictures:
1. A 1993 episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy.
2. On 11-19-96 Roger McGuinn's Live From Mars CD celebrates the show.
3. A few of my explanations of the origins of The Observers.
4. MST makes an appearance on VH1's Pop-Up Video in 1997.
5. I added a picture of the With or Without You movie poster.
6. MST-ish commentary on the 6-10-02 DVD release of Ghostbusters.
7. MST comments included in the 8-26-03 Simpsons season 3 DVD set.
12/31/04 For all the Manos fans out there I have added some new items in the Photo Gallery Movie Poster section.  Go to the season 4 page to see a very clean copy of the ad used to promote the original "World" premiere of Manos on 11-15-1966.  Also, a clean copy of the ad from the next day for the opening of the regular theatrical run (they forgot to remove the "Gala World Premiere" which was the night before.)  I also posted the review of the premiere by Betty Pierce from the 11-16-1966 El Paso Herald-Post.  I hope you enjoy it.
12/12/04 Just for fun I added a page of some of my travel pictures from around the US and Canada.  I may add more and set up some other pages later.
12/6/04 Updated and corrected the Broadcast Schedule with new information. I'm particularly proud of the KTMA listings that I have now confirmed the Saturday 10AM shows.  Everything in the table is confirmed.  I only have a few more airings to fill in.  Some final touches need to be added to make it look better, but that is another day. - Rick/Tom
11/16/04 I added a few pictures from Joel's Statical Planets to the Season 8-10 history section.  I was lucky enough to pick up a copy just recently.
10/26/04 I added a couple new props to the photo gallery.  I picked up a SOL ICE beer bottle used in Escape 2000 (705) and a section of the SOL set from the Sci-Fi era.  Thanks to Bobbie Culbertson for the screen grab of Mike with the bottle.
10/25/04 Some more updates in the Movie Poster Gallery.  Great upgrades to Gammera (302), Gamera vs. Barugon (304) and Gamera vs. Zigra (316).  I added the video release poster for Warrior of the Lost World (501) and a cool Gerry Anderson video release poster that includes Stingray, Captain Scarlet and Space 1999 which each were used during the KTMA days.  I also found the actual original release posters for Zombie Nightmare (604) and Soultaker (1001).  I left the video box art for those as well.
10/15/04 The big news is that Lee Lovingood and Michael Slusher have found the long lost final host segment to the KTMA episode Superdome (K15).  They will be selling tapes and DVDs from their sites.  I have links to both listed on my Links page.  Here's one screen grab in the meantime.

8/16/04 I started adding dozens more magazine covers to the memorabilia section from issues with MST3K articles or references .  I divided the Comedy Central era memorabilia into two pages to help them load faster.  Also, I corrected some links that were not working.
7/31/04 I finally updated the History section and added a bunch of pictures.  I also updated the Links page.
7/28/04 Added a picture of a 4' x 10' banner used to advertise the Free Cheese College Tour back in 1994.  Also a poster for the video release of Escape 2000 (705).
6/5/04 Just added in the poster gallery a really great picture of The Corpse Vanishes (105) poster.  Also, I added the video cover art for Red Zone Cuba (619) that I got from Anthony Cardoza Productions.  Finally, I tracked down the TV Guide that listed the original US airing of Overdrawn At The Memory Bank (822) on 2/4/85 at 8PM CST.
4/25/04 I finally added a picture of the water foosball table prop for Rocket Attack USA (205) that I picked up from Prop Diva Beez McKeever.
3/2/04 Added new poster of Sinister urge (613) and an original Japanese poster of Prince of Space (816) - thanks to Jim Kaffenberger for the later.  Also, thanks to Tim Winson for helping me track down an unMSTied copy of Red Zone Cuba (619).
1/21/04 Added 19 magazine covers with some pictures to the Sci-Fi Era memorabilia page and 9 to the Recent Era page.
1/16/04 Added 15 video covers to the Movie Poster Gallery.  I have not been able to find actual posters so these will have to do.  Some were obviously direct to video any way.  If any one has pictures of posters for Attack of the Eye Creatures (418), Dead Talk Back (603), Creeping Terror (606) or Red Zone Cuba (619) please contact me.

I also added the latest merchandise catalog in the newsletter section and pictures of the last few DVD sets in the merchandise sections.

1/13/04 Updated the Excel Matrix of every item sold by BBI. It can be found at this bottom of THIS page. - Rick
1/12/04 Sections 12, 13, 14 and 15 in the Ouch, Minutiae! section have been opened. Also the broadcast schedule has been updated and brought up to date with the 2004 schedule. - Rick
12/13/03 In the poster gallery I updated pictures for all four of the original Master Ninja TV episodes, Stranded in Space, Code Name: Diamond Head, San Francisco International and added an original Italian poster of Puma Man.  I also found a one sheet poster of The Brute Man.
11/21/03 I finally thought I should update the recent history of the show.  I've been adding the text and will get some pictures added shortly.
9/4/03 Not much new, but I haven't listed anything in a while.  I added some DVDs sold through Best Brains catalogues.
7/5/03 I updated some of my links and added some improved movie poster pictures in season 1 and 6.
5/7/03 Added Seasons 8, 9 and 10 Sounds (159). - Rick
5/5/03 Added Seasons 5, 6 and 7 Sounds (103). - Rick
4/19/03 Go to Ouch, Minutiae section 11 to see the All-Time MST3K Broadcast Schedule.  I have put together a listing of every air date from KTMA up to date.    I'm still filling in some of 1989 to 1991, but the rest is complete.  ANY ONE WITH ADDITIONAL INFO PLEASE CONTACT ME.   THANKS.
4/18/03 Added the Holiday 2002 Merchandise Catalogue and a number of variations to the older newsletters and catalogues in the Photo Gallery.
3/2/03 I finally picked up the Mad Scientist Clock sold by Best Brains back in 1991. I now own at least one of every item ever sold by BBI, except for the one-of-a-kind Tom and Crow from episode 1005.  I posted a picture in the photo gallery.
2/13/02 Season 4 (59) sounds are up - Rick
2/12/03 Update by Rick.  Season 2 (28) and Season 3 (42) sounds are up. Only short names are there until Tom fills in the titles.  (Thanks, Rick)
2/11/03 Finally added 45 Season 1 sounds.
1/16/03 I added some notes to the recent history.  Sorry for the delay in updates, but I started a new job in December and I've focused my time on that.   Lot's more to come though.
11/25/02 The Comedy Central era memorabilia room now has most of the magazine covers and interesting pictures in it.  I'm still sorting through boxes, so I may have a few more to add.
11/24/02 I added two more props.  Hugh Beaumont's spaceship from 420 and the model for Mike's door number 5.  I also found a copy of the Japanese movie poster for Invasion of the Neptune Men (819).  Opened the Recent Memorabilia room.
11/20/02 The memorabilia pages for MST3K: The Movie and for the Sci-Fi Channel years are now open.  I've also continued to upgrade the movie poster pictures, including the original ads for TV movies SST: Death Flight (K13), Superdome (K15), Master Ninja 1 (322) and Riding With Death (814).
11/4/02 I just added two new great props to my collection.  There are pictures of Enok, the demon dog king and Joel's old, teal jumpsuit in the Prop Room. Also, the Awards & Presentation page and the Convention, Live Shows & Tours page are now open in the Memorabilia Room.
10/31/02 I added a bunch of rare things to the Comedy Central section of the Memorabilia Photo Gallery, including original Best Brains shooting schedules, script pages and drafts.  Also, some examples of the fan-zines that were popular at that time.
10/22/02 The Non-BBI multimedia merchandise room is done.  I also opened the Comedy Central memorabilia room is open with a few more things to add.   I've upgraded pictures of 18 movie posters and have added 5 new rare posters for Jungle Goddess, Teen-Age Strangler, Alien From LA, Boggy Creek II and Hamlet.
10/20/02 The BBI Merchandise section is now complete (except for Life Survival Kits).  I finally figured out a way to get pretty good pictures of my posters.  I also added a very early publicity picture of Josh to the Prehistory.  I finished the first Memorabilia room in the Photo Gallery and am very close to having the second complete.
10/12/02 I actually found an ad for the very first MST Live! show back in 1989.  A picture of it is in the KTMA history section.  I also added a very early publicity pic of Mike and at the end of the season 1 section is an original ad for Frank's stand-up act from 1989.
10/8/02 The first section of the Memorabilia room is now open.  It has a bunch of items from the early days of MST.  Let me know what you think of it so far.  I hope everyone likes the use of thumbnails.
10/1/02 I opened up some more pages in BBI Merchandise and also the first few in Non-BBI items.  I still need to get a few pictures from my collection, but I thought I'd open them anyway.
9/30/02 Most section of BBI Merchandise are open.  The rest should be ready soon.  Then on to Non-BBI Stuff and other Memorabilia.
9/26/02 I finally started adding some pictures to the Photo Gallery of my MST collection.  I'm starting with the BBI Merchandise then I'll move to the other rooms.
9/24/02 Two more sections opened in Ouch, Minutiae!  A game called Name That T-Zone and a list of BBI merchandise seen on their own show.
9/23/02 More updates to Ouch, Minutiae!  All the first appearances are done, the SOL case stickers, Turkey Day info and the Sci-Fi crew picture.  More to come.
9/16/02 Some big changes to Ouch, Minutiae!  I added a directory that takes you to new pages on first appearances by the cast and crew and one about the Gizmonic Institute.  I have quite a few more of the pages listed ready to add in the near future.
9/3/02 Updated the recent history.  I also put in a few grainy pictures from Joel's Statical Planets and Frank's 1999 appearance in Holly Hester's short film Lord of the Road.
8/12/02 Pictures from the Last Dance Raw, the original Let's Bowl and Freaks & Geeks.
8/9/02 I finally added some season 10 pictures.  That completes the episode pictures.  I still have shots from cast appearances and other events to add to the history, but it's pretty darn close to complete.
8/7/02 Put in some pictures of cast appearances from 1994-96.   Quite a few deal with the release of the movie in April 96.
8/4/02 I added a bunch of corrections and dates primarily to the season 2-7 sections.  I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes work too.  I have compiled the broadcast schedule from November 1991 to date including all specials.  I hope to post it in the Ouch, Minutiae section.  Anyone with information of air times or schedules prior to 11/91 please contact me at
7/22/02 Look for a bunch of early Jim Mallon related pictures in the Prehistory section.  Very cool IMHO.  I added a link to Stu Baker's website where I found the pictures.  I also updated some recent news.
7/16/02 Added all the season 9 episode pictures.
6/28/02 Added pictures to history from Frank's appearances on Sabrina and Make Me Laugh.  Other pictures from The Making of MST3K, 1st Annual Summer Blockbuster Review, Talk Soup and Sci-Fi Vortex.
6/26/02 Finished the Season 8 episode pictures.
6/13/02 Started adding pictures from season 8.  I could only find the title slate for Statical Planets.  Does any one have any decent pictures from it?
6/8/02 Added a lot of pictures from the '96 conventio-con 2, so I split that section of the history in half to help it load faster.  I also realized I had convention 2 studio tour pictures in the first convention.  Oops.  Corrected.   By the way, I know I grabbed a lot of pictures from the web over the years.   If you recognize any of them as your own let me know and I'll happily give you credit.   I also posted some shots from Joel's 1995 X-Box R&D video.
6/5/02 Pictures from the fan made episodes Star Trek V and Highlander 2.  Also, Frank's Attack of the Killer B Movies and examples of the card set put out to publicize MST3K: The Movie.
6/1/02 Added the season 7 episode pictures, corrected a few typos and threw in some pictures of cast appearances at DragonCon 95 and at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls.
5/25/02 How could I forget Troops from July 1997?  Well, now there are a  few pictures in the history along with a few from Franks appearance on Late Friday a few months ago.
5/18/02 Added some more recent history and a interesting variation to the cover of issue 6.1 in the newsletter gallery.
5/17/02 A bunch of changes to the Movie Poster gallery.  Color Gamera posters, a dozen or so improved images and some new pictures such as I Accuse My Parents (507), Night of the Demons (original title of The Touch of Satan (908)), the paperback cover art for The Outlaw of Gor (519) and an interesting production still from Rocky Jones Crash of the Moons (417).
4/6/02 Finally got around to adding the season 6 episode pictures.   Also, the Go To Where The Cheese is Made Contest and look in the Prehistory for pictures from some 1940's Warner Brothers cartoons that were an early influence on the look of the show.
3/2/02 Some old pictures from cast appearances by Joel, Jim and Trace back in 1990 and 1991.  Frank at Chicago Visions Convention in 1992 and a bunch of season 5 pictures from the Mike episodes.  I also added to the recent history.
2/9/02 Lots of new pictures from Joel's season 5 shows.  A few more from Starcon 92 and MST Alive!  Even an old CTV logo and a picture from the 7/4/91 Weenie Roast.
1/25/02 I added a bunch of season 4 pictures including one from some of the Brains at their first convention appearance at Starcon 92.

I'm also finally listed on the Umbilicus of the Satellite News.  Thanks guys.

12/29/01 Added a bunch of season 3 pictures and split Season 2-5 into to pages to make it quicker to load.
12/22/01 I posted scans of a very rare original issue of the first Satellite News letter.  If you look in the KTMA history I also revised my pictures of the original fan club certificate and card.  Check out the letter they sent out on KTMA letterhead too!

I finally found movie posters for all the Gamera movies.  Unfortunately they are in black and white.   They're posted with the KTMA and season 3 posters.  I also posted an ad sheet for Werewolf.

12/4/01 I added a bunch of season 2 pictures to the history.  I plan to add 10-20 pictures for each season of some of my favorite bits.  I also finally posted something new in Ouch, Minutiae.  I added the cool KTMA picture on the new calendar and a whole new section in the More Topics page.
11/11/01 Finally got some time to get back to the site.  I added a few season one posters to the gallery and some more pictures to the season 1 history.   I even found a picture of Joel at the January 1994 Cable ACE awards.  Look in the season 5.5-7 history.
10/15/01 Made a few additions to the Season 8-10 and The End and Beyond sections of the history (and yes I corrected the spelling of Ipecac).
9/25/01 I added some new info to the Prehistory/ early influences.   I also inserted some new info in the Ouch, Minutiae missing episode section.
9/15/01 I've posted the text to the last section of the History.  I have lots of pictures to post here and to the previous few sections as well.
9/15/01 The picture below was taken 9/8/01 on my last vacation.  I spent a week in Boston and Cape Cod and decided to visit New York City on the way home.   My prayers are with the families of those lost during the tragic events of 9/11/01.   The senseless atrocity has effected all of us, but I am confident the spirit of America will prevail.

nyc9-9-01.jpg (38855 bytes)

8/19/01 I added a bunch of info regarding ex-Brains' other careers including Josh on Later, AFHV and Fast Food Films, Trace on AFHV and With or Without You, Paul joining Wired and Ironminds and Frank appearing in the short film Lord of the Road.   Also, all the newsletters and merchandise catalogues are posted!
8/18/01 Props are complete!
8/16/01 Finally got my video grab equipment working again so I added some pictures to the prop room to show where the props were used.
8/11/01 Started posting newsletters in the photo gallery.  Busy reading lots of good feedback from news group (ng) visitors.
8/9/01 Added Links. Began seasons 1 and 2 sound pages. Posted web address in some MST newsgroups to try and get more visitors. (Spread the word)
8/5/01 I finally posted the Sci-Fi Channel years to the history.  I'll be posting pictures over next few weeks.  Also, added some This is MST3K and Man or Astroman? pictures to season 2-5.5 section.
7/21/01 I've been on vacation a couple weeks, but now that I'm back I started adding to the prop room of the photo gallery.
6/29/01 Added pictures for Seriously Weird Magazine, Little Gold Statue Special and Space Ghost.  Finished KTMA and Season 1.
6/15/01  Added more photos.  Finished Prehistory.
6/1/01  Added a lot of photos to the history and minutiae sections from new screen grabs.
5/31/01 Added a few more movie posters. Made a few corrections to the History  (thanks to Julie Walker). Opened up KTMA Sound Gallery.
5/17/01 Latest News added.
5/13/01  Tour pictures from Last BBI Tour 3/26/1999 added.
5/5/01 Missing KTMA Episode info added to Ouch, Minutiae section.
4/30/01 Movie Posters completed.
3/17/01 Began compiling the history sections.
3/15/01 Created Opening Screen, Directory and History Menu.
3/11/01 Created Website and registered domain name.


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